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5 Best Speaker Dust Cap Glues | Speaker Repair Glues

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Your dust cap is designed to protect your voice coil, the pole pieces, and other critical inner mechanics of your speaker from dust and other contamination.

A proper dust cap guarantees you this as well as the structural integrity of your cone and your voice coil assembly. In some loudspeaker designs, these gently curved domes are part of the acoustic design of the driver.

Your dust cap must be tightly fixed in case you want to reap these dazzling benefits. Is your speaker dust cap loose? If it is, you need the best adhesive to put a tight hold on the appropriate parts.

This way, you will be sure of getting the quality of music that you deserve consistently. Now read on for the best speaker dust cap glues; these options are great adhesives that are strong yet they won’t disintegrate the dust cap. Our #1 recommended choice is the Regular Gorilla Glue

Best Overall
The Gorilla Glue Company 5000408 4 Oz Original...
Best With Difficult Pieces
Hot Stuff Special T Thick Instant CA Glue, 2oz...
Best For Outdoor Speakers
Premium Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super Glue by...
The Gorilla Glue Company 5000408 4 Oz Original...
Hot Stuff Special T Thick Instant CA Glue, 2oz...
Premium Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super Glue by...
Best Overall
The Gorilla Glue Company 5000408 4 Oz Original...
The Gorilla Glue Company 5000408 4 Oz Original...
Best With Difficult Pieces
Hot Stuff Special T Thick Instant CA Glue, 2oz...
Hot Stuff Special T Thick Instant CA Glue, 2oz...
Best For Outdoor Speakers
Premium Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super Glue by...
Premium Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super Glue by...

1. Best Overall: Regular Gorilla Glue

Regular Gorilla Glue is a speaker dust cap glue with high strength as well as quick set time. The manufacturer created this speaker driver glue, as known as the gorilla 5000408 original glue, for long-lasting repairs in an instant.

Moreover, the regular gorilla glue has been reinforced for maximum impact resistance with the sole intention of ensuring bumps and drops have no adverse impact on your dust cap. That is why many people know it as an impact-tough.

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Besides, this glue works on a wide variety of materials, including fabric, plastics, paper, ceramics, rubber, and more. For that matter, if you buy it, you can use the remains to achieve many other diverse purposes, as you wish.

You can find regular gorilla glue in both white and tan colors. Once you use it to hold your dust cap, this color will not change.

If you are trying to avoid this color, you may consider other options. But many of them, such as the clear gorilla and glue Gorilla Glue Epoxy, take a long time to dry up.

Besides, they may not be recommended to use them on some materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene.

Moreover, the other glues are not meant for a constant soak. However, if you are one of those people who are more concerned with quality music than the color, it should not be a big deal.

Regular, original gorilla glue for speaker repair is a great choice also because it dries in 10-45 seconds.

So, you do not have to waste a lot of time if you go for it. Given that this glue is also waterproof, you find it to be the best option for your speaker when you frequently use it either indoors or outdoors.

This product has built a name for itself as the best gorilla glue for speaker repair over the years with its incredible versatility and industrial holding power.

The water-activated polyurethane formula is your preferred solution since it will expand into the areas of your speaker dust cap that are loose to form an incredible-strong bond.

Fully waterproof
For multipurpose
Incredibly Strong

Limited Color Choice

2. Best for Pieces that Hardly Fit Well Together: Hot Stuff Special T Thick Instant CA Glue

Hot Stuff Special T glue has a viscosity that is the same as that of honey. You can use it to fill large parts than most medium CA glues out there.

In particular, it works best to connect porous and non-porous parts of various materials.

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Is that speaker dust cap loose? Or, does it not fit very well? Whichever the case, you can bond these parts using the Special T THICK.

It can also help you if you realize that some chunks of your dust cap are missing due to any given reason. In this regard, if you use it well, you will be able to preserve the structural integrity of the material with great ease.

Moreover, this glue will help you to seal the missing region from dust, moisture,  and other contaminants.

Many people who want to bond something to the exterior that would not fit also find it useful. As such, in the end, you are able to use this glue to improve the look of the surface, as well.

For you to be able to speed up the cure time, we recommend that you use the QA-6 NCF Quick 6oz aerosol CA glue accelerator. It usually bonds in between 20 and 60 seconds and can fill gaps of up to 1/8 niches.

If your dust cap fits well together, Special T CA glue is not the idea speaker driver glue for you. It will likely create more space between the pieces or between the speaker and the dust cap. This may make your work a little more complicated.

However, that is not to say it is not one of the best glues out there that you need. There are instances when you will require the right adhesive to help you glue poorly fitting dust caps or other materials. When that happens, you find that this is the best glue to use in such moments.

High viscosity reduces the velocity of the glue
Dries up within 20-60 seconds
Easiest CA glue to use
Can remove excess adhesive with a razor or sand it down

Requires accelerator to dry up in 20 seconds
Useful only for filling gaps
Shorter shelf life for opened bottles

3. Best in Adverse Weather Conditions: Starbond KEG-50 Flexible Thin

This is a rubber-toughed glue that is suitable for your dust cap and other soft materials. It will save you lots of time and money by enabling you to repair your speakers and make them last longer and appear brand new.

A good example is if you are using outdoor PA speakers. Even if your outdoor PA speakers are weatherproof, there is always the possibility of water and wind affecting the speaker cone.

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Starbond KEG-50 Flexible Thin expands and contracts with temperature changes. This is the reason it is your best speaker driver glue if you want something that will not crack due to temperature variations.

You are also able to get additional supplies with each bottle an two applicator caps and a clog-free stopper.

With the micro tips that come with it, you dare able to apply this adhesive in tiny spaces. Another reason you may like this glue is that it hides imperfections. When there are dark holes that you do not want people to see, you can use it to highlight those specific areas and fill them.

If you properly store your glue, it will maintain its quality for almost two years. Colored ones will take a longer duration to bond irrespective of what you try to do.

The reason behind this is the impact of the additional rubber content. It may take a shorter term than you expect if you use small volumes.

But you should not take that to mean you should never use more substantial quantities. If your dust cap requires more and you are not interested in waiting for long hours, you should use the Startbond accelerator.

Leaves no white remains
Contracts and expands in a supple environment
Create strong and flexible bond

More exceptional for large objects than small ones

4. Best for Variety of Surfaces: Speaker Repair Adhesive MI-3035

This unique formula white speaker repair adhesive is quickly gaining popularity because customers can use it on almost any part of their instruments, especially speakers.

It is the same glue that many manufacturers rely on during assembly to deliver the premium speakers that you can think about.

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As you can see from its branding or image, this glue is specially formulated for lots of functions, including attaching surrounds to paper, poly, metal, and composite cones, surrounds to basket, dust caps to a cone, and more. It also works for grill cloth to wood or plastic frames.

Another great feature of this highly affordable speaker driver glue is that its 0.875 oz metal tube will be able to serve you for an extended period.

This glue sets up fast. However, once it has dried up, you can still make many significant adjustments before it is fully set. If you allow it a few minutes, it will dry clear and give you professional results.

Dries flexible
Clear final product
Strong and durable
Multiple functions
Weighs 1.6 ounces

Small in size

5. Best for Porous and Extra Porous Surfaces: Herco Neoprene Rubber Contact Adhesive

This special adhesive consists of an exceptional blend of rubber solids as well as a solvent that users rely on to liquidity it.

If you use it, you can expect that the glue will air dry to the touch within minutes and bond permanently. This black rubber based contact adhesive does not require an activator to be able to dry.

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While it does not provide an immediate hold, many people prefer this glue due to its thickness.

It dries to a hard and flexible solid rubber. Nonetheless, it always shrinks as it dries. This way, you will be able to hold two different parts together.

You can use this rubber adhesive in any location that requires a strong but flexible adhesive: speaker frames, dust caps, cones, and more.

Many people conveniently use the speaker driver glue to hold down their foam surround and dust caps on their production hoofers, subwoofers, and mid-ranges.

You can use it in many parts of the speaker building process. However, you need to take care to avoid using it to make connections on parts that are subjected to too much pressure.

As such, you can use it to connect many different parts of your dust cap. Remember, it meets the requirements of A-A-1936A, MMM-A-120B, and MMM-A -121.

This makes it suitable for gluing speaker dust caps that are used in places with unfavorable weather. For that matter, it also serves well in adverse temperatures.

Bonds quickly
Long bonding range
Long initial strength without clamping
Resistant to water, grease, and oils
Remains flexible in adverse temperatures

Costly than some glues

Make Your Own Speaker Dust Cap

If your speaker dust cap is damaged, you may want to make your own speaker dust cap. To do so, check out the steps below:

Make Your Own Speaker Dust Cap Using Regular Materials

Make Your Own Speaker Dust Cap Using 3D Printing

To learn more about making speaker dust caps, check out our guide on how to make speaker dust caps

What Caused Speaker Dust Cap Damage?

One common situation that causes dust cap damage is when cleaning the speaker grill. If you want to learn how to clean your speaker grill, follow our guide on how to do that.

Why Is Speaker Dust Cap Repair Important?

The main reason you should never leave your speaker dust cap loose is that you do not want to take chances with dust and contamination.

If you buy the best speaker driver glue, you will avoid the following adverse effects.

  • Protection

As we have mentioned, the speaker dust cap protects the speaker’s internal components so if it is damaged, your speaker will be at risk. If water gets onto the speaker for example, it will easily damage internal components. 

  • Horrific Look

Dirty speakers cannot look presentable. Despite this being more superficial compared to the others in this list, we cannot ignore it. After all, no one wants to be associated with a speaker or house that is dirty. If you use the right dust cap glue, you will be able to prevent these kinds of problems with great ease.

  • Poor Quality Sound

If you use the wrong dust cap glue and dust amasses in your speaker drivers, the overall quality of the sound will likely significantly reduce too.

You have possibly heard real stories of people who noticed a noteworthy improvement in the sound after cleaning their speakers. If your speakers produce muffled sound, try dusting your speaker and tightly bonding your dust cap. While your mileage can significantly vary, you can expect a drastic enhancement.

  • Unsuitable or No Electronic Signals

Dust and contamination have the capacity to interfere with the internal connections with your speaker. This is especially true if your speaker dust cap is loose.

When it gets into the casing where your wires connect, that could interfere with the electronic signals. Moisture could do the same or destroy your dust cap if your speaker or dust cap glue is not waterproof. Thus, you need the best glue to prevent crackling noises, shorts in cables, or a complete disconnect.


1. Can an epoxy adhesive be used to glue up my speaker?

Yes, you can use epoxy adhesives. They are ideal for assembling and repairing speakers. Epoxies can withstand the high temperatures and tremendous strains produced by a speaker’s magnet and metallic coil.

2. What glue do I use on a subwoofer dust cap?

For a subwoofer dust cap, one can apply a solution that dries up quickly. In that case, MG Speaker Cement can be used as it is a quick-drying solvent. 

3. Can I use black rubber cement on the speakers?

Yes, you can use rubber cement. For fixing your speaker, you can try BC-1 black rubber cement. It is useful for bonding surrounds and gaskets to speaker frames as well as attaching paper, plastic, and metal dust cover to most speaker cones.

4. Does rubber cement peel off?

Rubber cement is perfect for use in paste-up work when excess cement must be removed since they are intended to peel or wipe off readily without harming the paper or leaving any evidence of adhesive behind. It also does not harden like paste.

Final Thoughts

Dust, moisture, and the likes can appear to be simple things, but their effects on your speakers can be unbearable if you do not take care. You may even be forced to buy a new one in extreme cases. The truth is that some speakers accumulate more dust than others do. So, the level of exposure varies.

However, the best solution to this problem is one. Use one of the best dust cap glues to hold your dust caps firmly. After that, when you do the routine dusting, you will mainly focus on the exteriors of the speaker.

The electrical signals of your speaker will still be efficiently operating. Other than that, your well-fixed dust cap will always be ensuring the highest structural integrity of your cone and your voice coil assembly. As such, before you buy your next dust cap glue, be sure you know at least these top 5 and choose one from them to be able to get the best experience.

Once you have glued the dusk cap properly, ensure you reattach the acoustic cloth and complete the speaker setup.