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10 Best Bluetooth Speaker With Disco Lights For 2022

10 Best Bluetooth Speaker With Disco Lights For 2022
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After working all week tirelessly, nothing feels better than hitting the disco on Friday night. Or why not enjoy a solo dance party from your living room? All you need is your own bluetooth speaker with disco lights! Disco Lights Speakers

However, it may take hours or even days of research before you can find a disco light speaker that suits your needs.

Top Pick

Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System - 300W...
  • 300 WATT POWER: This high powered wireless karaoke PA portable bluetooth speaker is equipped w/ 8" subwoofer...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH BLUETOOTH: The box type loud bluetooth speaker system is compatible w/ bluetooth for wireless...
  • 3 INPUTS: Pyle bluetooth speaker karaoke PA system is equipped w/ a USB flash drive reader so it can serve as...

Even at that, you can end up with a low-quality speaker with a short, useless life and poor sound quality.

If you want a cool speaker with disco light on top or just one with lights, this is the guide for you. So, we have done all the work for you and here are the top 10 disco lights speakers or best Bluetooth speakers with disco lights that are worth buying:

With all these lights, kids love these Bluetooth speakers. If you are looking for Bluetooth speakers for kids, consider these choices as well. You may also be interested in Bluetooth dancing water speakers which you can find here.

1. Best Overall: Pyle Portable 300W Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Pyle portable 300 watts Bluetooth speaker is high on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers with disco lights for a good reason. Its design and performance are outstanding.

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Design: The speaker comes with the highest quality of flashing DJ lights on its front and top. It also features an 8-inch subwoofer and 1-inch tweeter that provides top-quality sound. Besides, the speaker is equipped with Bluetooth version 4.2 and a USB Flash drive reader.

Performance: This wireless Bluetooth speaker handles up to 300 watts of power. Due to the speaker’s unique design, it provides the perfect stereo output and sound quality. Its flashing DJ lights come in multiple colors that suit various users’ entertainment needs.

Verdict: The speaker with disco lights produces excellent stereo output and sound quality. It can transform any party into a disco.

2. Best DJ Stage Lighting Projector: HT Rise Disco Ball Home Party Light Show Speaker

This HT Rise Bluetooth speaker provides dazzling light shown in the entire room. So, you enjoy the entertainment in a well light and attractive environment.

Design: It’s a mobile Bluetooth speaker with disco ball lighting on the top. The ball rotates and twists.

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The speaker also has RGB LED magic point rotating lights that change depending on your music volume and speed.

Performance: The crystal ball rotates to make a dazzling light show in the room, as they provide glorious RGB light and perfect audio functionality.

Verdict: With the rotating crystal ball that makes a clear, dazzling light show, the HT Rise speaker will transform any event into a party.

3. Best Sound Quality: JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Speaker

With JBL Pulse 3 speaker, you can take your listening experience to another level with ease.

Design: JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Speaker has a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery.

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It also comes with an IPX7 waterproof housing. Moreover, it has an advanced noise and echo-canceling speakerphone.

Performance: You can use the JBL Connect +technologies to wirelessly connect over one hundred compatible speakers to amplify the party. Using the same connect program, you can make your music incredibly impressive.

Verdict: With the JBL Connect+ technologies, this Bluetooth disco lights speaker is a powerhouse that keeps the party going.

4. Best Design: Goldwood Acoustic Audio LED Bluetooth Speaker

Goldwood acoustic audio LED Bluetooth speaker produces excellent sound. Its design also gives you the option to plug in any of your devices and get quality music.

Design: This acoustic audio speaker comes with a stable stand that helps it transmit sound over a large area.

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You also get a built-in FM tuner, SD card option, standard Bluetooth connectivity, USB flash drive attachment, two AUX inputs, and two ¼ inch mix inputs.

Performance: This speaker produces excellent sound quality now that it comes with a 2-inch tweeter and deluxe 15-inch subwoofer.

Verdict: This acoustic audio speaker gives you the option to plug in any device you want and get fantastic music.

5. Best Recording Feature: Pyle Wireless Portable 700 W Battery Speaker System

Pyle wireless portable PA speaker is a balanced sound system with a great battery backup and battery bank.

Design: This speaker comes with a 12-inch subwoofer that gives you a full range of stereo sound and treble echo, bass, and treble.

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It also has multi-colored, flashing lights that give an ethereal vibe.

The speaker’s Bluetooth input easily connects to your Android and iPhone. Other media inputs are MP3, micro SD card, and USB connectivity. It also has an inbuilt recording feature.

Performance: The 12-inch subwoofer speaker system produces a stereo sound reproduction. It also guarantees you an improved musical experience.

Verdict: With the speaker’s built-in recording feature, this speaker allows you to record a perfect audio sound for karaoke and your essential gatherings.

6. Most Portable: ION Party Starter Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This party starter portable disco speaker is a full-range audio device with a vibrant light that can convert any area into a party zone. 

Design: This is a small, full-range speaker that’s lightweight and easy to carry around. The ultra-compact speaker packs a pleasing sound along with an attractive multi-colored light display.

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Performance: The speaker provides massive wireless audio and projects multi-colored party lights on walls and ceilings.

Verdict: This is the smallest speaker, but it still packs a big sound. It is the most portable and effective full-range speaker on this list.

7. Easiest to Install: Wskvoker Disco Ball Light Bluetooth Speaker

Wskvoker disco ball Light Bluetooth speaker can be a great birthday gift for kids. 

Design: This 360-degree surround speaker integrates laser and LED light effects. It comes with advanced voice-activated sensors that dance to the music’s beat. The speaker’s disco ball light supports USB, AUX, and SD card mode.

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Performance: The stage lights create an extraordinary audio-visual experience. 

Verdict: Since the disco ball light is a plug-in and play, it is a highly effective speaker. That’s why it is the easiest to install.

8. Best for Karaoke Party: HIKEP Bluetooth Portable PA Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker with disco lights is the best for kids’ and adults’ home karaoke parties.

Design: This speaker has two wireless microphones. You’ll find the headphone jack is located at the unit’s back. It is also designed with a sturdy and lightweight enclosure.

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Performance: The high-performance stereo sound and rich bass ensure your voice sounds like a famous singer star. 

Verdict: This disco speaker is the best for kids’ and adults’ home karaoke parties.

Bonus Disco Lights Speakers

1. Best Bass: Pyle, Black Floor-Standing

First on our list of the best Bluetooth speaker with disco lights is the Pyle, Black Floor-Standing seaker.

When looking for speakers that light up to the beat of the music, there s none before the Pyle, Black Floor-Standing.

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Design: PYLE is one of the best manufacturers of premium speakers. The Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System comes with dual 10-inch woofers and two 3-inch tweeters that give you the best musical experience with flashing DJ lights.

For easy portability, PYLE has put heavy-duty handles on the side of the speaker to allow you to take your disco jams everywhere.

Additionally, the speaker features LED sound indicators that work with most amplifiers.

Performance: Capable of handling up to 1000 watts peak power, the PYLE-PRO disco jam speaker delivers a solid audio performance.

The speaker has a 2000 watt power, allowing you to enjoy a detailed sound for both indoor and outdoor parties. Due to its size, the speaker can create a heart-thumping bass, and it also boasts of clear midranges.

Verdict: The Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System packs a solid sound and a unique style that can transform any party into a disco.

It weighs almost 20 kilos, making it a little heavy to carry around, though it comes with high-quality handles for easy portability.

2. Best For Kids: KaraoKing Karaoke Machine for Kids (With Disco Light On Top)

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Design: Another disco ball Bluetooth dome light speaker, the KaraoKing Karaoke Machine for Kids is a robust and modern Speaker with Disco Lights. The speaker boasts colorful disco lights around the speakers and tweeter.

It features a colorful dome at the top, transmitting a colorful disco dance light that looks great in your room.

The speaker also comes with a retractable trolley handle and built-in wheels for convenient portability.

Performance: Sound-wise, the KaraoKing Karaoke Machine for Kids boasts 50 watts powe.

Its dual 10-inch woofers with KSV coils can create a high-power sonic performance, giving you’re a clear musical performance with low audio distortion.

Furthermore, this unit boasts of a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 4-7 hours.

Verdict: This NYC Acoustic speaker is among the coolest units on our list. With a 600W peak power (300W RMS), this speaker is a real powerhouse that keeps the party going.

You can charge the speaker and carry it outdoors for speeches, DJ events, parties, and tailgating. The disco light show is colorful, but there is no switch to turn it off when the speaker is in use.

3. Best Lights: Outgeek DJ Lights Speaker

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Design: Now this is the full definition of a disco ball bluetooth dome light speaker. You can describe it as a bluetooth mini speaker with disco lights. Outgeek has a multi-color ball with 9 different colors on top of the Disco Lights Speaker, and comes with built-in Bluetooth that streams audio from Bluetooth devices.

It looks like a lampshade and is of high-quality plastic with long work life. Moreover, CHINLY has a remote control to switch music, adjust the volume level and light rotation speed.

Performance: Sound-wise, the Outgeek DJ Lights Speaker creates a room-filling sound when listening to your favorite tunes.

The lampshade projects colorful disco lights on your room when the music is playing, creating an awesome party experience in various setups.

Additionally, it has a built-in fan that ensures the speaker doesn’t overheat, allowing it to function to the optimum.

Verdict: The Outgeek DJ Lights Speaker is ideal for use in small private parties, clubs, stage, family parties, birthday gift, and pubs.

However, this speaker isn’t waterproof, so the user should be cautious when using it for outdoor events or in moist places.

4. Best Multicolour Show/Best With Mic: Ion Audio MAIN-805121ON Speaker with Disco Lights On Top

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The ion party speaker with lights offers a brilliant lightshow!

Design: The powerful 6.5-inch woofer with wide-dispersion tweeters has a 50W dynamic power and delivers quality sound to energize the party. It is one of the more popular bluetooth speakers with disco lights and microphone.

MAIN-805121ON comes with built-in Bluetooth and streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device; it also has a 3.5 mm AUX input for wired connectivity. AUX input speakers are still important for older devices in your home theater setup.

Moreover, MAIN-805121ON comes with a LED light dome with six different colors, a high-quality microphone, and a rechargeable battery.

Performance: Add a vibrant atmosphere to your event with MAIN-805121ON speaker and fill the room with high-quality sound with an intense multi-color show.

The microphone input allows you to sing tons of karaoke and even perform live with a friend. The rechargeable battery offers 75 hours on a single charge thus ensuring the party keeps going.

Verdict: MAIN-805121ON has what you need to transform any party into a special occasion.

With its powerful speakers and the powerful 50W amplifier, the sound is of quality, vibrant and lifelike.

The multi-color spinning light dome changes pattern in time to the music, creating a similar environment.

5. Best Battery: Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker with Disco Lights On Top

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The Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent disco ball bluetooth dome light & speaker.

Design: Sylvania is a portable Disco Lights Speaker that comes with built-in Bluetooth that help stream music from any Bluetooth device.

There is a disco ball on top of the speaker that lights up multi-colored lights to pulse your music.

Moreover, there is an AUX-in jack for non-Bluetooth devices and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Performance: Connect the speaker to your iPad, Samsung, iPhone, or any Bluetooth device and stream music wirelessly or use the AUX-in jack for wired connections.

The disco ball lights up to pulse your music with dancing multi-color LED lights which turns your event into an unforgettable party.

Verdict: Dreaming of turning your event to a disco party? This Sylvania speaker is what you need.

This fully portable speaker with disco lights has good quality sound to make your party look lively.

Sylvania can connect to any Bluetooth device within a range of 30ft, and the internal rechargeable battery ensures the party goes on without running out of battery.

6. Best For Home Use: Ohuhu Ocean Wave Disco Lights Speaker

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Design: Ohuhu Ocean wave projector has 12 high-end LED lights and a rotating project head which has a brilliant light show and an entertaining view of pleasure.

Ohuhu comes with a built-in mini speaker, merely insert a TF card or plug in your phone to enjoy some cool music.

Ohuhu also comes with remote control and built-in lullaby songs to ensure your, kids peacefully go to sleep.

Performance: Ohuhu is perfect in creating a watery ocean surrounding and is ideal for use in living rooms, and parties.

Let your kids have a good sleep and lure them to bed with the built-in lullaby songs with an ocean-atmosphere in their bedrooms.

However, the music from the built-in speaker is not up to the expected due to the small size of the speaker.

Verdict: Ohuhu is an Ocean wave projector which ushers the seaside to your home by giving you a piece of the ocean in multiple colors and create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Ohuhu would make an excellent background for a reception area to greet and welcome your visitors in style.

7. Best Small Version: Your Spirit Space SYNC-IT Speaker with Disco Lights

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Design: Another disco ball bluetooth dome light speaker, the SYNC-IT comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with a USB charging cable to ensure you don’t run out of battery.

There is a globe on top of the speaker with LED multi-colored lights which projects as you enjoy high-quality music.

SYNC-IT also comes with built-in Bluetooth to ensure you wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth device.

Performance: Sync, Your Spirit Space speaker to a Bluetooth, enabled device and stream music wirelessly.

For a disco party effect turn on the globe and multi-colored lights will be projected on your ceiling and walls you can as well turn off the light and enjoy cool music.

The SYNC-IT offers both quality sound and a dazzling light show that is a sure hit every time.

Verdict: Looking for a fun and unique gift SYNC-IT suits you better; let your loved ones have a chance to enjoy the SYNC-IT speaker.

The USB port meant for charging ensure you enjoy your music without running out of battery ensuring you are always ready for fun. SYNC-IT is ideal for home parties and birthday parties.

8. Best Tower: Polaroid Disco Ball Bluetoooth Speaker Wireless Tower Disco

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Last but not least on our list of the best Bluetooth speaker with disco lights is the Polaroid Wireless Tower Disco. This is a cool polaroid disco ball bluetooth speaker with a tower to boot!

Design: Designed as an innovative speaker tower with a disco ball, the Polaroid Bluetooth Disco Lights Speaker boasts of solid and attractive exteriors.

It has simple control buttons and a USB input on the upper side, making it easy to operate without the remote.

The USB port works as a charging hub for your devices, ensuring that you never run out of power while streaming music.

Performance: When connected to your device via Bluetooth or AUX input, this Polaroid speaker delivers a rich stereo sound with strong bass.

While offering an amazing sound using two powered speakers and dual bass drivers, it offers a room filling light show through the disco ball.

Even better, you can turn off the disco ball to suit any situation.

Verdict: If you want a great light show and an impressive stereo sound, then the Polaroid wireless tower speaker is worth a look.

It has a great battery life that comes in handy in outdoor settings, but the light show is not very bcenter – which can be disappointing in outdoor settings.

Nevertheless, the speaker will exceed your expectations regarding performance.

9. Best Features: Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System

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Design: The Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System comes with two 3-inch piezo tweeters two 10-inch woofers, RCA output, disco light with power control and a built-in crossover network.

Also included are SD Card reader, USB port, two microphone inputs, FM radio, and 3.5 mm AUX-in compatible with all MP3 players.

Its exterior construction gives it great durability and boosts its performance.

Performance: Comfortably pumping out 500 watts of pure sonic sound, the Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System is a party starter.

Its compatible with various MP3 players, while the flashing disco lights create a dazzling show that takes your party to the next level.

Even better, it comes with portable carrying handles to take your party wherever you want.

Verdict: With flashing disco lights and a loud sound, the Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System will transform any event into a party.

Its exterior construction not only offers great durability but also allows the speaker to look aesthetically pleasing in any environment. The bass performance is pleasant, but it’s not heart thumping.

Are Disco Light Speakers Good Party Speakers?

Speakers with disco lights are great for parties. Small home party, just get the small but powerful Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker with Disco Lights for example.

For large parties, you can grab the more powerful NAXA NDS-1050. If flashing lights is not your thing, you can check out this list of great Bluetooth party speakers!


So that’s it, the best Bluetooth speaker with disco lights in 2020! These speakers will brilliantly illuminate any party and bring to life the kind of dazzling colors you’ll love! By the way, you could also get a light bulb speaker with disco lights. Many of them are inexpensive and are quite cool!

There is little better for a party than speakers that light up to the beat of the music!

If you are not looking specifically for a DJ speaker with lights, check out our guide to the best Bluetooth DJ speakers for house parties.