computer speakers with subwoofer
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Most computer speakers are cheap and basic. While that’s fine for most people, if you are going to do anything that requires good audio production, then you’ll need good computer speakers with a subwoofer for a punchier bass and clean highs! So with that, let’s check out the best computer speakers with subwoofer.

Choosing Computer Speakers With Subwoofer

Even if you are not an audiophile, you probably appreciate good sound quality. Those cheap inbuilt computer speakers or monitor speakers just won’t do.

Moreover, if you are using a desktop PC and your monitor doesn’t have speakers, then you will need a way to get sound from your monitor without speakers (i.e inbuilt speakers). Also, an alternative is to connect your computer to a complete surround sound system

For many people, a decent listening experience using your computer can only be achieved using a good subwoofer.

If you decide to get a separate dedicated external subwoofer, please note that we have a separate article on how to connect a subwoofer to a computer

Having said that, here is our round-up of the best computer speakers with a subwoofer in the market today:

1. Audio Engine A2+ Computer Speaker With Subwoofer

First on our list of the best computer speakers with subwoofer is the Audio Engine A2+. Like and engine roars, the Engine A2+ is a true beast!

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Design: Walking the line between bookshelf and computer speakers, the Audio Engine A2+ delivers a great performance on all fronts.

That easily makes the speakers a top choice for most computer users. The speaker is made of solid exteriors, and the sound is as good as it looks.

Performance:  The Audio Engine A2+ speakers deliver a lovely 60 watt sound output, with detailed mid-range tones and crisp highs.

And while the bass may not rival other large speakers like the A5+, the A2+ has hit the sweet spot that most computer speakers can’t manage. It has perfectly balanced audio quality, size, and price.

Verdict: The A2+ speaker is small enough to fit even in the modest desks, but it still delivers a room-filling sound for a medium room. Additionally, you can connect the speaker to your computer through USB, 3.5mm and RCA cables, since it does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse HD

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Design: The Edifier E25 Eclipse HD is a cutting-edge computer speaker that has insane attention to detail and a fantastic build.

This speaker comes with a high-gloss finish to match the mate front panel, while the beveled lining on its sound drivers keeps things interesting.

Performance: Sound-wise, the Edifier E25 computer speaker pops a great sound with a louder bass response than you might expect.

That’s all thanks to its passive bass radiators. While giving you a pleasant 75-watt sound, the speaker still maintains a clean and crystal clear audio output – without the muddying effect that affects most desktop solutions.

Verdict: This sleek, egg-shaped speaker also comes with surprisingly well-refined soundstage, giving you great value for your money. The only possible drawback for some people could be the speaker’s exposed tweeters. However, it’s partially guarded to protect it from dust.

3. Edifier Exclaim e10

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Design: while looking stylish and visually appealing, the Edifier Exclaim e10 comes in an angled design that directs the sound upwards to your ears – Something that most small computer speakers can’t do.

The metallic columns aiding the sound have passive radiators and two mid and high range drivers with a modern edge.

Performance: At its price range, the e10 is very impressive when it comes to sound. While it’s not a masterpiece, it offers crisp and engaging audio that can get pretty loud.

The speaker has a palpable thumb with deep bass music and doesn’t distort unless you max out the volume. Even at that, the speaker is audibly pleasing at 36 watts.

Verdict: Not only does the speaker feature a visually appealing design, but it also delivers a pleasant sound quality. The only issue may be that the e10 computer speaker is limited to its 3.5mm connectivity. However, the Edifier Exclaim e10 is among out top contenders for its superior sound quality at an affordable price.

4. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 FFP

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Design: Retailing at the most pocket-friendly rate, the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 looks pretty cool.

The speaker features a modern style with gloss black satellites standing on top of a matte silver frame.  However, you may have an issue with its dust-attracting exteriors.

Performance: Sound-wise, the CA-3602 is not the best speaker in the market, but it’s the finest sounding speaker system at its price range.

The bass and volume are pretty admirable, and you can easily adjust them using the LED-accented control pod. The pod also offers AUX-in and headphone-out connectivity.

Verdict: If you are thinking of an upgrade to your built-in computer speakers without putting yourself in a messy financial situation, here is the solution for you. The CA-3602 FFP from Cyber Acoustics is the best sounding speaker in its price range, and it looks pretty cool regarding design.

5. Audio Engine A5+

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Design & Features: While Audio Engine has a long history of producing audiophile-grade computer speakers, the A5+ is no different from its predecessors.

It comes with elegant rectangular cabinets that have woven Kevlar woofers and smooth edges that make it visually appealing.

Performance: Sound-wise, the Audio Engine A5 brings a vibrant and lively sound to be small and medium rooms.

Additionally, the speaker adds the convenience of a wireless Bluetooth connectivity while maintaining an outstanding audio performance.

Verdict: If you want a fantastic speaker with a pleasing sound to fill up your living room or office, the A5+ is among the top choices. The speaker has a crisp, clear audio display in all the frequencies without any muddiness. However, you will need to dig deeper into your pockets to make these babies yours and ensure that you have a lot of space on your desk.

6. Aperion Allaire

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Design & Features: without a doubt, the Aperion Allaire is one of the best computer Bluetooth speakers on our list.

These portable computer desktop speakers come in a gorgeous design in white and matte black finish. Additionally, they support RCA, 3.5mm and USB connections.

Performance: With a visually appealing design, Aperion has gone a long way to ensuring that you get pretty good sound output.

The speakers can pump out a massive 100-watt sound, but you can expect to lose some detail with the highs and mid-range due to the flat bottom design.

Verdict: Exuding a premium aesthetic, this speaker stands out as one of the classiest-looking bookshelf speakers in this price range. The sound output is gorgeous and well balanced, allowing you to get the full worth of your money. However, the Bluetooth function reduces the volume of the Aperion Allaire speakers.

7. Razer Leviathan Sound Bar

If you find a 5.1 setup being too complicated to use with your computer, the Razer Leviathan Soundbar is the smart solution.

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This premium soundbar goes beyond the conventional 2.0 and 2.1 systems by using several drivers and Pro Logic II wizardry from Dolby sounds to convert any signal into a 5.1 surround sound.

Design: Weighing around 4.5 pounds and measuring 19.7 x 3 x2.8 inches, the Leviathan Soundbar comes in a diminutive stature, and it’s easy to handle.

You can find the controls on top of the bar, with a speaker grill on the front side to guard dual 2.5-inch full-range drivers and two 0.74-inch tweeters.

Performance: while the subwoofer is Leviathan’s greatest asset, this little box pushes an amazing amount of audio signal through the 5.25-inch driver.

That allows the speaker to give you a solid, bass-heavy sound that won’t distort even in high volumes.

Verdict: The Razer Leviathan is the best solution for gamers who want great surround sound experience without diving fully into a 5.1 system. It’s powerful enough to use with your PC, but some may have an issue with overpowering low-ends.

8. JBL Creature III

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Design: Creature III is among the most exotic computer speakers for those working under a budget.

The system comes with a powerful subwoofer and two satellite speakers that deliver a phenomenal performance.  Moreover, the speaker comes with JBL’s proprietary circuitry and design to give you the best sound.

Performance: The Satellite speakers on the Creature III draw their power from a 5-watt JBL amplifier, while a separate 15-watt amplifier powers the subwoofer.

Overall, the Creature II delivers a great sound performance with your desktop PC. It has a room-filling sound, with silky smooth and clear vocals.

Verdict: The Creature III should be among the top choices for technology geeks and people with small spaces on their desks. Its exotic design allows the unit to fit almost in any space, and the performance is as sleek as the design. However, some people may wish for stronger bass response, though it delivers a punch.

9. Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II

Last but surely not least on this list of the best computer speakers with subwoofer, the Creative Gigaworks T40 is a powerhouse worthy of its name.

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Design: Creative has done an amazing job with the Gigaworks T40 aesthetics. They have put together a compelling, minimalistic, and aggressive design.

It has removable covers that reveal yellow accents on its membranes, giving the speaker a terrific color contrast.

Performance: The performance of the Gigaworks T40 Series II is nothing less than outstanding.

The mids and highs are crisp, and it delivers the clarity of a soundstage with various music genres. Moreover, this unit pumps out a 32 watts stereo sound, with an individual treble and bass controls. Yep, these tower speakers are great for surround sound.

Verdict: The Creative T40 is one of the most powerful computer speakers that come in a 2-way design. The quality of the sound seems unbelievable until you hear it, giving you good bass and detailed midrange in a compact setup. Moreover, they have a tower design that makes them consume less space on your desk.


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Design: Built with an iconic design, the KEF EGG is an egg shaped speaker that looks quite minimalistic. It is a highly sustainable pair of computer speakers that come with solid exteriors and durable materials.

The matte finish and minimalist design exudes quality and allows you to integrate this unit into any system seamlessly.

Performance: Audio-wise, the KEF EGG has a level of warmth and detail that the Audio Engine A5+ and A2+ can boast of, due to their flat response.

Thanks to the EGG’s clever design that features the tweeter in the middle of the sound driver, it has an extended sweet spot with its sound.

Verdict: Bringing style, quality, and a detailed sound, the KEF EGG is a must-have pair of computer speakers. It offers great connectivity through a 3.5 mm jack, giving you a well-balanced 50 watts sound. However, you may get a little dull to see the EGG’s price if under a budget.


Why Get A Computer Speaker With Subwoofer?

As mentioned before, many people don’t take the time to invest in premium quality computer speakers.

They either work with the speakers that came with the computer or buy some cheap ones.

Computer Speaker With Subwoofer

That’s mainly because most people believe they won’t have to use them a lot, or they won’t be playing heavy music on a computer.

So, most people don’t even think about computer speakers with subwoofer. For most people, that is OK, but for gamers, DJs, and others who need powerful speakers for their computer, its best to get a computer speaker with subwoofer.

For regular people, if you think about it, it makes sense to get a good computer speaker with a subwoofer as well because, believe it or not,  you will use the computer speakers more than you use other units in your house or office.

Are Computer Speakers With Subwoofers Worth It?

To keep the answer short and straight-forward, I would say that computer speakers are a worthy investment if you desire a high-quality sound. And that’s all for good reasons.

computer speakers with subwooferA good computer subwoofer elevates your listening experience when listening to music, delivering the audio in a way that no other audio component can match. Here are four more reasons why a properly engineered computer speaker

with subwoofer is worth buying:

  • A subwoofer reveals feelings and sounds that your computer speakers can’t reproduce

Most internal computer speakers won’t offer full depth audio because of their size and several other designing issues.

Moreover, the computer speakers deprive you of the clarity of the bass tones when listening to music. On the flip side, a great subwoofer can easily hit 20Hz frequencies, ensuring that you never miss any notes.

  • Good computer subwoofers reproduce all the low-frequency notes

Unlike internal PC speakers which bear a sonic signature, a great subwoofer stays faithful to the musical notes to reproduce everything as the artist intended.

Additionally, the subwoofer adds energy and weight to your overall listening experience.

  • Create a loud sound without distortions

As you may note, most computer speakers tend to feel overworked when you start to crank up the volume.

That’s because it’s almost impossible for the speakers to reproduce all the sound frequencies at loud volumes.

A good subwoofer on the other hand effortlessly recreates the sound and amplifies it to make it loud without distortions. That also works with demanding music.

  • Perfect sound effects for gaming

If you like PC gaming, then you must know that the quality of the sound adds to your gaming experience.

From dialogues, music to sound effects, a high-quality subwoofer boosts all the audio tones to give you a life-like effect.

However, if you decide to use low-quality units or your computer’s internal speakers, then you can automatically expect to miss out on some of the greatest gaming experiences. In some cases, you may even end up losing the game.

  • What if I want a separate dedicated subwoofer?

If you need even more powerful bass, you will need a separate dedicated subwoofer that can carry a real punch! Just note that you will need some special cables to complete the connection, but fortunately, we have a guide on how to connect a subwoofer to a computer.



Computer speakers with subwoofers are popular with music producers, DJs, sound engineers, and others interested in high-quality music.

However, regular users should also remember that computer speakers are some of the most used speakers in the home and as such, should be able to deliver strong consistent sound. So there you have it, the best computer speakers with subwoofer.