Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $20 2024

Norvan Martin
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Bluetooth speakers are versatile and easy to use, and you can connect them to different devices such as smartphones, tablets, USBs, or laptops for an outstanding listening experience. Moreover, you can get them very cheap. In this article, we will explore the best Bluetooth speakers under $20.

Best Overall
LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable...
LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable...
Best Overall
LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable...
LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable...

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The MusiBaby M68 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker delivers a standout sound performance in a small package. It packs a punch with its strong volume and rich bass, making music listening more enjoyable for all kinds of events. Pairing it with devices is a breeze thanks to Bluetooth, and you can even make calls without using your hands due to its built-in mic. Plus, the speaker is tough enough for outdoor adventures, and its rechargeable battery keeps the tunes playing for a good amount of time. However, some might struggle with the tricky controls, and it’s not water-resistant, which can be a bummer if you’re near water.



  • Strong volume and rich bass.
  • Small and easy to carry around.
  • Simple Bluetooth pairing.
  • Built-in mic for hands-free conversations.
  • Sturdy enough for outside fun.



  • Some may find the controls cumbersome.
  • Can’t handle getting wet, so be careful where you use it.

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The Raymate Bluetooth Speakers provide a noteworthy sound experience in a small package. They produce clear high notes and rich low notes, making the music sound good no matter what you’re listening to. The Bluetooth feature connects without any hassle, letting you easily link up your devices, and the built-in microphone gives clear calls without using your hands. The battery life is impressive too—it lasts a long time after just one charge. These speakers have a stylish look and are easy to carry around, perfect for when you’re on the move. However, if you like your bass strong and heavy, you might find it a bit lacking here. In short, the Raymate Bluetooth Speakers strike a nice balance between being easy to take with you and giving off quality sound.




  • Great sound quality.
  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth connection.
  • Clear calls with no need to hold your phone.
  • Long-lasting battery power.
  • Nicely designed and easy to take with you.



  • Bass might not be strong enough for some.

3. Best Overall: Lenrue Bluetooth Speaker

Lenrue is a good small speaker, it is packaged with a range of features. It is plastic, black in color, durable, sleek, shiny, and appealing to the eye. Don’t be fooled by the tiny look; it’s quite weighty.

LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable...
  • Superior Sound Quality: The Bluetooth speaker with dual high-performance drivers and unique enhanced bass. The...
  • Lasts a Long Time: Built-in high powers up to 12 hours playtime. Small, but such powerful Bluetooth speakers....
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0: The Blue tooth 5.0 transmitted by A2DP technology, has lower power consumption than...

The speaker works well with low-frequency genres as it does pack a good little bass. Additionally, the battery life is good and can last for 12 hours, doing a volume of 60 to 70 percent.

4. Best Shower/Waterproof Speaker: SoundBot SB510 HD

This is one of the best cheap shower speakers under $20 that you need to consider to enjoy music in your shower. The size may be deceiving, but this Bluetooth speaker can produce a hard-hitting sound even more than some other popular and sturdier speakers in the market. 

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower...
  • Easy access to Hand free Talking / Volume up / Volume down / fast forward (skip) / Backward / Pause / Play /...
  • Water resistant loud speaker and built-in mic for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Universal compatibility with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth...

This Bluetooth speaker is long-lasting, and even after splashing it with water, you continue to enjoy your favorite music. 



  • Stable vocals and treble
  • Clear and sharp treble
  • The 5.0 Bluetooth technology is transmitted using A2DP technology
  • Good bass and impressive dual drivers 



  • Bass is limited
  • Made of light material 

5. Best Connectivity: Oontz Angle Solo

This Oontz angle solo portable Bluetooth speaker is small, powerful on sound, and budget-friendly.

The sound Oontz angle solo speaker efficiently outshines some of the pricey speakers in the market for its size. This speaker will give you a clear, vocal, clean sound with a stable bass. 

OontZ Solo Bluetooth Speaker, Loud Small Bluetooth...
  • MINI SPEAKER THAT PACKS A PUNCH! The OontZ Solo Small Bluetooth Speaker is engineered to deliver an audio...
  • LOUD & POWERFUL AUDIO: Despite its diminutive stature, the OontZ Solo packs a punch in the sound department....
  • HOURS OF PLAYTIME: The OontZ Solo doesn't leave you hanging in the middle of your music enjoyment. Equipped...



  • It can connect quickly over Bluetooth with multiple devices
  • It has an aux to connect non-Bluetooth devices
  • Advanced antenna design with 4.2 Bluetooth 
  • Long hours battery



  • Sound quality diminishes when put on full volume.

Cheap Bluetooth Speakers With Good Bass

Bass is everything in music or for any other entertainment. And here are powerful cheap Bluetooth speakers with good bass. Here are a few:

  1. Nekteck NK-S1 Bluetooth Speaker
  2. XLeader SoundAngel A8 (3rd Gen)
  3. Axloie Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Ortizan Bluetooth Shower Speaker


1. Is it worth buying speakers under $20?

Affordable speakers, tweeters, and midrange drivers more frequently sound nice, but they don’t generally play as loudly as more costly ones. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad. Some inexpensive ones are actually pretty good. 

So, if you are on a budget and want a simple Bluetooth speaker for under $20, then you must not hesitate. Go for it. 

2. How good is the new Bluetooth version 5.3?

Bluetooth version 5.3 was released in 2021 and is the latest version of Bluetooth. Version 5.3  improves stability, security, and efficiency. It is much faster and better than its previous versions. Bluetooth 5.3 will quickly switch between low and high-duty cycles, making it more energy efficient than Bluetooth version 5.2. Removing superfluous data reduces energy use. Bluetooth 5.3 is also expected to minimize interference and improve signal quality.

3. How many classes of Bluetooth are there?

Bluetooth devices are categorized into four classes based on their capabilities:

  • Class 1: They have a connection range of up to 100 meters and a power consumption of 100 mW.
  • Class 2: It has a connection range of 20 meters and a power of 2.5 mW.
  • Class 3: They have a range of one meter and a power of one mW.
  • Class 4: Their maximum range is 0.5 meters, and their power is 0.5 mW.

4. How can you tell if a Bluetooth speaker is good quality?

The most crucial feature to look for in a Bluetooth speaker is the device’s sound quality. To determine audio quality, look at the overall harmonic distortion, which must be less than 1%. Another item to keep in mind is the frequency range, which should range from 100Hz to 20kHz.


There you have it, the best Bluetooth speaker for under 20 dollars. Acquiring a Bluetooth speaker means embracing the new technology and the quality it brings to your home entertainment. It is price friendly, unlike traditional stereo systems and boom boxes.

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