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10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Kids 2022

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Kids 2022
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Most kids love music and the best way to have them enjoy their favorite little tunes without having to worry that they might damage the device is to get a Bluetooth speaker. That’s the reason we have compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers for kids.

Best Overall
My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless...
Most Durable
Kawaii Bluetooth Speaker, ASIMOM Rhyme Kids...
Most Fancy
Muzen Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Button Metal with...
My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless...
Kawaii Bluetooth Speaker, ASIMOM Rhyme Kids...
Muzen Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Button Metal with...
Best Overall
My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless...
My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless...
Most Durable
Kawaii Bluetooth Speaker, ASIMOM Rhyme Kids...
Kawaii Bluetooth Speaker, ASIMOM Rhyme Kids...
Most Fancy
Muzen Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Button Metal with...
Muzen Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Button Metal with...

best bluetooth speakers for kids

Most Bluetooth speakers for kids usually boast of small and lightweight construction, allowing young children to easily carry it around.

Some feature cute animal designs to attract kids, though some are pretty simple in color and style. But when you think of a kid’s Bluetooth speaker, you think of colors and kiddie designs.

In short, your kids will simply love their Bluetooth speaker, if you purchase the right one. Choosing a good kid-friendly Bluetooth speaker does take some time and effort. So, that said have a look at the coolest and best Bluetooth speakers for kids:

1. Best Overall: My Audio Pet Mini Animal Kids Bluetooth Speaker

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Design: My Audio Pet Mini Animal Speaker comes in an adorable design, suitable for kids of all ages.

The built-in microphone enables the speaker to support speakerphone capability, giving the speaker a good functionality.

You can easily use Bluetooth connection to pair the speaker with your tablet, Smartphone, and other Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players.

Performance: Featuring true wireless stereo technology, My Audio Pet Animal Speaker delivers an impressive, clear, and rich quality sound.

The 3watt audio driver gives the speaker a robust bass, clear high-ends, and balanced mid-ranges.

It also has a robust 500mAh battery that allows you to enjoy an extended playtime.

Verdict: This adorable mini animal speaker is the world’s most beloved wireless speaker for kids of all ages.

It’s acoustically engineered to give a 3watt stereo sound, outperforming most Bluetooth speakers with an animal design.

You may easily underestimate it due to its tiny size, but the speaker’s functionality goes beyond its size.

2. Most Durable: ASIMOM Portable Bluetooth Stereo Pairing Speaker

Kawaii Bluetooth Speaker, ASIMOM Rhyme Kids...
  • Crystal and Powerful Sound: With Bluetooth V5.0 and high-performance drive unit, the cute speaker delivers...
  • Long Play Time: The built-in rechargeable battery provides you 15-hours of playing time from day to night....
  • True Wireless Stereo Pairing: Featured TWS technology, it means that connecting two ASIMOM Rhyme I Bluetooth...

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Design: ASIMOM makes durable speakers mostly meant for kids, and this Swimmer Waterproof is among their best work.

Performance: For a distortion-free audio performance, the ASIMOM Portable Bluetooth Stereo Pairing Speaker comes with a 10watt subwoofer.

The speaker’s audio performance is loud enough for your kids audio needs, with a good bass delivered by three passive radiators.

Even better, it comes with dual 1200mAH batteries that offer 8-10 hours of continuous music playback.

Verdict: If your kid loves swimming or playing with water, the ASIMOM Portable Bluetooth Stereo Pairing Speaker is among the best choices.

The RGB colors are not super bright, but they add a nice touch to your child’s musical experience.

Bluetooth Speakers for Teenage Girls 

Bluetooth speakers are an excellent gift for today’s tech-savvy teenage girls. With these portable speakers, these girls can listen to their favorite podcasts, music and anything else without connecting any wires.

Here are the best speakers for teenage girls looking to enjoy their favorite tunes wherever they go. 

3. Coolest For Teenage Girls: LFS Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

LFS Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Lights, Night...
  • Ultra Compact and Portable . The lightweight and ultra-compact size design with a magnet and a hanging strap...
  • Diamond design with Changing Color Lights. Crystal case,diamond shape, super cute tiny size, with romantic...
  • TWS function: Buy two of this bluetooth speaker, you will have a pair of speaker to play stereo music sync...

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With a highly integrated chip, the Mianova light changing Bluetooth speaker provides six different color themes that will keep your girl’s room colorful for up to 8 hours.

When the LED is turned off, the speaker delivers 10 hours of music playtime thanks to its high-quality 2000mAH battery.  

Besides its colorful design, the Mianova Bluetooth speaker packs a powerful, high-quality amplifier with anti-offset top loss control function for the output. This defining feature can detect and supress any signal clipping distortion caused by speech signal amplitude and excessive input audio.

It also adaptively prevents audio clipping resulting from boost voltage drop, thereby improving the sound quality significantly. 

4. Best Water Resistant: Westinghouse Intelligent 2-in-1 Solar Bluetooth Speaker

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For teenage girls looking for a modern Bluetooth speaker that easily connects with your devices, the Westinghouse Intelligence speaker is an excellent option. The speaker rocks a 2-in-1 design, offering a flickering flame candle and a solar powered speaker in one unit.

It also features dual charging methods through a USB cable and direct sunlight to keep the music going wherever you are.  

When fully charged, this Bluetooth speaker offers superior sound quality for up 6.5 hours, while the LED candle can light your room for 48 hours. Additionally, this lantern speaker is IP4 water resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Unfortunately, it takes too long to fully charge it with direct sunlight (18-20 hours) and about 2.5 hours using the charging port.  

5. Best Color Changing: POECES Hi-Fi Portable Wireless Stereo Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers,POECES Hi-Fi Portable Wireless...
  • High quality wireless stereo speaker, supports Bluetooth connection, TF card and FM radio, compatible with...
  • The light color can be changed by touching the sensor on the top of the lamp, the warm and soft lighting...
  • Built-in Li-Ion 2200mAh rechargeable battery guarantees up to 12hrs music time (with light off) with 50%...

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Design: TheBostitch Office Desk Lampis a digital multifunctional Bluetooth speaker that lets your kid have fun while studying.

This portable speaker comes with a USB charging port, adjustable color modes and a modern design.

Additionally, the LED lights feature an eye-caring diffuser that softens the lights and protects your kid against glare when reading. Also, check out our list of Bluetooth speakers with disco lights to learn more. 

Performance: The Bostitch Office Desk Lamp offers your kid a stunning stereo sound with excellent clarity and zero distortion.

The speaker can deliver excellent audio power, while the built-in battery can last for several hours (or 50,000 hours for lighting). Moreover, this stylish table lamp creates a romantic night light with adjustable brightness.

Verdict: The Bostitch Desk Lamp is a stylish Bluetooth speaker that adds color and style to your kid’s study room.

It offers a stunning stereo sound with no distortions, allowing your kids to enjoy fun study time.

It doesn’t have the loudest sound, but the audio clarity is amazing. Moreover, it has a range of other features ideal for both studying and working.

Kids Bluetooth Speaker With Sd Card

Kids love variety and if you don’t always have internet access, a kids Bluetooth speaker with sd card is an excellent choice. 

From the list above, the Avantree Portable Wireless Kids Bluetooth Speaker is a good choice. It uses a micro SD card, plus it is waterproof! In addition, the My Audio Pet Splash Portable Speaker and the XSIATO Mini Bluetooth Speaker are excellent choices with regular SD card slots.

Bluetooth Speaker For Baby Room

when it comes to babies, their Bluetooth speaker should be cute as well as allow a wide range of functions. Babies need different types of music and different times are so on. Great examples of bluetootyh speaker for a baby’s room include the WavHello Portable Sound Machine Baby-Sleep Soother which offers soothing white noise tracks among other cool features as well as the My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Speaker which is great for kids of all ages. 

6. Most Portable: WavHello Portable Sound Machine Baby Sleep

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Whether you’re a first-time mom or have other kids, ease of use is a major factor when buying a speaker for your baby’s room. That’s why the WavHello Portable Sound Machine comes with an integrated clip to help you attach it to you baby’s stroller, crib or car seat. 

Because of its rechargeable and compact design, the WavHello Sound Machine is the ultimate speaker in on-the-go portability. The speaker also promotes family bonding by allowing you to play voice notes from miles away through the VoiceShare mobile app.  

Its long-lasting rechargeable battery can last through the night and you can choose between continuous play or set a timer.  

7. Best for Small Babies: My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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With a colorful design that resembles a kid’s toy, My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Speakerpromises a stadium-sized concert from its golf ball-sized arena. Thanks to its true wireless stereo technology, the speaker delivers crisp, clear and compelling sound from its 3W audio driver to give you more than what you’d expect from such a tiny system.  

Despite its surprisingly powerful sound, the speaker is only 2-inches tall and comes with a reliable 500mAH rechargeable battery for extended play time (4-6 hrs).

It packs an inbuilt mic to support hands-free options and will automatically power off within 5 minutes of disconnecting it from the Bluetooth source. However, it makes a chime sound when powering off.  

Kids Bluetooth Radios

Many people who use the term kids Bluetooth radio are actually referring to walkie talkies and ham radios. If that’s what you are looking for, you’re in luck because we have articles on excellent ham radios for kids and excellent walkie-talkies for kids.

Bluetooth Speaker For Toddlers

Bellow are some excellent Bluetooth speakers for toddlers who just want a little toy with music:

THEA Mini Portable Cute Wireless Bluetooth Bunny...
  • [Small but Loud] For such a small size, the adorable mini speaker has phenomenal sound quality, sporting a...
  • [Wireless Bluetooth] Don't let the wires tie you down! Our bluetooth feature allows you to take the speaker...
  • [Keep the Music Going] This colorful speaker is able to instantly connect from a distance of 33 feet (10...
My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless...
  • IMPRESSIVE, RICH, CLEAR, QUALITY SOUND and robust bass that will surprise you. The 3W audio driver packs a...
  • EASY WIRELESS CONNECTION to your smartphone, tablet, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • SELFIE FEATURE remotely activates camera. Perfect for Youtubers. Compact size fits anywhere. Recharge in a...
My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless...
  • The tiniest, cutest, most KICK-BUTT Bluetooth speaker on the planet!! It's like getting a stadium-sized...
  • The Hide and Speak App - a ridiculously fun family-friendly app included with the My Audio Pet.
  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology - Use 1 or Pair 2 together. Compelling, crisp, clear sound from 3W audio...

What To Look For In Bluetooth Speakers For Kids

When it comes to nabbing the best Bluetooth speakers for your kids, it’s important to have a discussion with your kids to know what suits them.

Additionally, you will need to consider several other factors before you buy a solid Bluetooth speaker for your child. These factors include:

  • Design – For most kids, the speaker’s aesthetic appeal is the most important feature in any Bluetooth speaker. As such, you need to ensure that the speaker has a great design that will suit your kid’s taste. That may offer bright colors and cute animal shapes like unicorns, panda, and bats, depending on what they want.
  • Durability – Just like any other product for kids, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth speaker you choose can outlive your kid’s musical adventure. Waterproof and shockproof speakers are a great choice, as the speaker is bound to drop or get water splashes while your kid is playing.
  • User-friendly – For your kid to have a seamless operation, the Bluetooth speaker needs to be easy to use. The control buttons should be easy to understand and operate, allowing your kids to change tracks, adjust the volume, and carry out other supported functions.
  • Performance – Kids not only need a Bluetooth speaker that’s aesthetically appealing, but also efficient.  You may choose a unit with a speakerphone to allow your kids to communicate easily with their phones.
  • Price – As most kids don’t take good care of their gadgets, you may need to buy new speakers after a few months. That being the case, the speaker’s price needs to be affordable to allow you to buy a new one without breaking the bank.

Benefits Of Bluetooth Speakers For Kids

What do you think when you think of a kids’ Bluetooth speaker? Kids wireless speakers should have certain features that create certain important benefits:

  • No uncomfortable earplugs
  • Most feature cute designs including animals and other toyish things
  • Some have built-in microphones and so can be used for karaoke
  • Can be used to stream stories or play activities through apps or software
  • Most have cool, flashing lights which keep kids interested
  • Built for children, so they are durable

There You Have It!

There you have it, the best Bluetooth speakers for kids in 2020. These speakers are some of the cutest you’ll find anywhere.

Moreover, they are very durable and offer a good set for features for their size and price.