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Altec Lansing touts that they’ve been “connecting people to sound through innovative speaker designs” for almost 100 years.  Also, when people first went to the movies and heard actual voice instead of must music and subtitles, it was Altec Lansing speakers that provided that sound. Today, the best Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers are some of the overall best Bluetooth speakers in the world!

That’s a pretty impressive and dang cool resume for the Altec Lansing peeps.  Here at the BoomSpeaker, we like impressive and cool…especially when it comes to quality speakers at an affordable price.

Less than a decade ago, Altec Lansing launched their very first portable, Bluetooth speaker, “The Jacket”.  Since then, the company has improved its products and put out more and more of them.  Why?  Because they’re mostly quality devices that people love.

The Altec Lansing line of Bluetooth Speakers ranges in price from around $40 for the most affordable (the Mini H20) all the way to ultra-rugged and long-lasting Super Life Jacket and Omni Jacket Ultra which can be had for anywhere from $250 to $325.

Get the Best Prices on Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speakers

Let’s not waste any more time.  Let’s jump into some of the top Bluetooth speakers that Altec Lansing puts out!  We’ll be primarily concentrating on AL’s line of “outdoor” speakers.  They’re rugged and, well, some of them are everything proof…as you’ll learn very soon.

Omni Jacket


  • Compatible with Android, Apple, Blackberry, laptops and desktop computers.  The Omni Jacket is everything proof; sand, dust, shock, water…and the dang thing floats.
  • Ability to pair with anything to include another Omni Jacket. To learn more, check out our article on Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker pairing
  • Mounting bracket included.
  • Built in microphone for hands-free communication in case you need to answer a phone call or use your Google or Alexa app to find out…anything.


Omni-directional sound ; dual 1.2″ tweeters, dual 2” neodymium woofers, and a passive radiator give you all the power you need to hear the Omni Jacket easily over the outside sounds of rustling branches, surf, or traffic.

  • Technical Name: Altec Lansing iMW678
  • Range: 50 FT
  • Battery Life: 50 hours
  • On board Power Bank for additional power and energy
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Life Jacket 2


  • 2nd generation of the original and very popular AL Life Jacket
  • Compatible with Blackberry, Android, Apple, desktop and/or laptop computer.
  • Great mounting mechanism that’s universal and can be mounted easily on kayaks, bike, motorcycles, jet skis, paddleboards, etc.
  • The Life Jacket 2 is the perfect “take anywhere” and “do anything” Bluetooth speaker.  Its rich sound and rugged body set it apart from much of the competition.
  • Waterproof, sand proof, dustproof, snowproof, shockproof.
  • Totally submersible and totally floats!


Dual 2’ Neodymium drivers and one 3’ x 1.5’ passive radiator…again, you get perfect power and sound to go along with that light, durable and versatile Altec Lansing signature quality.

  • Technical Name: Altec Lansing IMW577
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Battery Life: 16 hours (plus, you get the onboard power bank)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Omni Jacket Ultra


  • The Ultra is at the top of the Altec Lansing food chain in terms of cost and is considered by AL their flagship product in terms of the Omin Jacket line.
  • Omnidirectional sound (360 degrees of speaker phone capability and music listening) with true wireless stereo pairing (you can pair 2 Omni Jackets together). To learn more, check out our article on Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker pairing
  • On board microphone for hands-free calling, (accept/reject) and caller ID all via voice command.
  • Dustproof, Shock proof, water proof, and it floats.
  • Comes with mount for easy mounting and listening no matter how active your lifestyle is.


The sound is strong and the power is surprising.  Most people are impressed and taken off guard by it, as well as the long range and play time.  The speaker has had some issues in the reviews section on it’s Amazon product page. I think, for the price, people expect more.  Honestly, you can get something just good  from Altec Lansing for less $.  Try the regular Omni Jacket instead.

  • Technical Name: Altec Lansing iMW778
  • Range: 50 feet
  • Battery Life: 50 to 60 hours
  • On board power bank.
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Super Life Jacket


  • If the Omni Ultra is the flag ship for performance then the Super Life Jacket is the flag ship or outdoors Bleutooth speakers. It’s rugged as heck and lasts a long, long time thanks to a 50 hour battery run time PLUS TWO on board Power Banks.  Seriously, this is one rechargeable Bluetooth speaker that goes through hell before it will die on you!
  • OmniDirectional, 360 degree sound and voice command capability.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and it Floats! (Perfect for you extreme sports and adventure junkies out there!)


2x 2.5 in subwoofers, 2 x 2 inch Neodymium woofers, 2 x 1.2 in tweeters and 2 x 3 inc passive radiators for crisp but powerful sound. The story behind the Super Life Jacket really is the durability and long lasting battery life, though.

  • Technical Name: Altec Lansing IMW888
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Battery Life: 50 hours PLUS 2 x onboard power banks
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Jacket H2O


This is the first “mini” or “stinted” version of Altec Lansing’s featured products.  The Jacket H20 is more affordable than the speakers we’ve talked about already but it comes with drawbacks.  Still, the Jacket H2O is IP67 rated for water proof, shock proof and it floats.


2 x 1.5 in Neodymium gives you good sound for a great price.  Again, this isn’t as powerful as the rest of the speakers but it’s offered by Altec Lansing to give you similar durability and versatility for a lower price tag.

  • Technical Name: IMW457
  • Range: Up to 30-ish feet
  • Battery Life: 8 hour batter life with a 3 to 4 hour charge time
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Mini Life Jacket


  • The  Mini Life Jacket is just what the name implies…it’s small.  A rugged compact design, voice confirmation and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication. The rugged Mini Life Jacket is IP67 Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof rated and it FLOATS! With 10 hours of battery life, Aux In and an integrated carabineer the Mini LifeJacket 2 will take the music wherever you want to go.
  • Also, for a smaller speaker the availability of a built in microphone for hands free calls is a plus.


  • The Mini has DSP CD-quality audio and for such a small device (less than a pound in weight and dimensions of 2.5 in X 6.5 in X 2.375 in) that’s a pretty good way to jam out the day.
  • Compatible with all Android, Apple devices as well as Blackberry, desktops and laptops.
  • 2 x 1.5 in Neodymium drivers
  • Technical Name: Altec Lansing IMW477
  • Range: 33 feet
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours. (We found that this is mostly dependent on volume)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Mini H20 Speaker


  • Most Bluetooth Speaker makes have that little runt in the family that surprises the heck out of everyone with their determination to be good, if not great.  For the UE, it’s the Roll and for JBL it’s the GO.  Here is Altec Lansings.  The Mini Life Jacket might surprise you, though, in good ole’ runt-of-the-litter fashion.
  • Onboard microphone for hands free calls and commands.
  • Compatible with Blackberry, Apple, Android, desktops and laptops.


Again, DSP CD quality sound and 2 x 1 in Neodymium speakers give the Mini H20 some dynamic sound in a small package.  If the Mini Life Jacket is the runt of the AL family then the Mini H2O is the Lovecraft version of it.

  • Technical Name: IMW255
  • Range: 33 feet
  • Battery Life: About 6 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

BOOM Jacket


  • IP67-rated waterproof, sand-proof, shockproof and snow-proof construction; floatable and submersible toughness and can give you a 50-foot range along with extra audio horsepower, 40 hours of battery life with spoken battery level, and power bank support for charging mobile devices on the road. The Boom Jacket also features a built-in universal mounting mechanism for easy attachment to equipment and structures like bikes, kayaks, jet skis, and motorcycles.
  • Easily connected to any device of Android, Apple, Blackberry, laptops and desktops.
  • Weight in at 2 lbs and has dimensions of 3 inches X 7.75 inches X 3.0 inches


2 X 2 in Neodymium drivers plus 1 passive radiator give all the sound and power you’ll need.  Again, this is near the top of the line for Altec Lansing and you can find more affordable options but you’ll be giving up big on battery life and sound quality.

  • Technical Name: IMW576
  • Range: 50 feet
  • Battery Life: 40 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion


There you have it, the best Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers available on the market today. Altec speakers are known for their durability and reliability. If you are in the market for an Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker, then you are probably looking for a speaker that will last a long time and offer the functionality you need. The above Altec speakers are the best you will find on the market. Take your time to find the best choice for your personal needs.