Apie Cannon Bluetooth Speaker Review

Editor rating

3.5/5 on June 17, 2016

User's rating

1,122 reviews


Portable: Small and easy to pack.

Fast charge

2x 5w speakers


Relatively short play time at 8 to 1o hrs


Not one of the most powerful products we've reviewed...or our favorite. Still, it's a decent buy for a decent price.

The Apie did something to us that other’s haven’t done.  When we plugged it in and put on the volume…we actually raised an eyebrow.  It seems that with other speakers we were expecting the quality (or lack thereof) that we got.  The Apie very pleasantly surprise us.  The sound was clear and the bass was  a bit deeper than we expected.  The cool design of the Apie makes it, in all actuality, a Bluetooth bedside speaker clock.  It’s pretty gnarly.  Let’s get to some of the specific features…

Apie Cannon Bluetooth Features

Many functions for the person who likes the versatility.  FM/USB/SD/Aux in with clear phone calls via hands free.

Perfect size for packing at 8.78 x 2.8 x 2.76 inches which makes it perfect for a backpack or carry on.

Two 5w speakers for clear, deep sound that’s easy to hear.

Quick recharge and an 8 to 10 hour play time of music or phone calls.

Pairs to almost any device; Apple devices, Android Devices, Blackberry, MPS players, etc.

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