What Are Baets Wired Lightning Apple Earbuds?

Norvan Martin

So you purchased a pair of basic wired lightning Apple Earbuds, but when plugged in they say “Baets” instead of “Beats”. Many of these earbuds have a lightning connector and Bluetooth but no battery. What are these Baets headphones or earbuds and are they original?

Baets earbuds are knockoffs of the original Beats Lightning Apple Earbuds. They are not original and are often made by Chinese manufacturers and sold as cheap AliExpress earbuds banded as Apple Lightning earbuds. Sometimes, these earbuds may also be made with original earpods but with a non-original minijack-to-lightning converter.

The bottom line is, that once the word Beats is misspelled, it is safe to say that the Earpods are not genuine Beats. “Baets” earbuds are cheap imitations that piggyback on the brand identity of Apple. 

Once you connect these earbuds to your iPhone or other Apple device, they will identify themselves as “BAETS”.

In general, we recommend that you spend the extra money and buy genuine Apple earbuds. 

What Are Baets Earbuds?

“Baets” earbuds are wired, yet Bluetooth earbuds that are cheap imitations of genuine Apple EarPods. 

Baets earplug in iphone settings

How can you identify Baets earbuds?

  1. They are cheap 
  2. They are now listed as being a “Wired Bluetooth Headset”. This doesn’t really make sense, if it is wired, why does it need Bluetooth? 
  3. Your iOS device will not recognize them automatically. You have to play with the audio selection choices on your phone to get it working.
  4. Of course, they identify themselves as “Baets”

Do Baets Earbuds Have Bluetooth and Why?

Firstly, many audiophiles and music lovers will tell you that Beats headphones are bad. Why are Beasts headphones bad? That has to do with excessive bass and overpricing. However, what about these cheap Baets headphones?

Many of these knockoff Baets earbuds have a lightning connector, yet they have Bluetooth and they don’t have a battery. How does that make any sense?

baets headphones

Why would they choose to have Bluetooth connectivity with the lightning connector and worse, there is no battery?

Since the earbuds have a lightning connector, they do not need Bluetooth and if they use Bluetooth, then they need a battery. 

Why would the manufacturers add Bluetooth and increase the manufacturing cost when it doesn’t make sense to use the Bluetooth connection?

You can use Bluetooth with these earbuds because we tested having the earbuds connected to one phone via the lightning connector and we could see the earbuds from the Bluetooth pairing settings from another phone. 

However, why have the Bluetooth connection when the lightning connection is already there?

The Reason These Baets Headphones Have Lightning Connector and Bluetooth

1. What Is The MFi Program

The reason these knockoff Baets headphones have the lightning connector and Bluetooth is that the manufacturers use regular Bluetooth-enabled earbuds and add the lightning connector so that they can display certain MFi-related logos on their product packaging, like the “Made for iPod” badge.

This is why many of the earbuds do not work with Bluetooth turned off. 

Apple’s MFi Program, also called “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”, is a licensing program that allows hardware manufacturers to develop hardware peripherals that work with Apple’s devices such as their iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

Please note that there is no MFi program fee, but there is a per-device/connector licensing fee.

The program covers various Apple device connectors such as the headphone jack and the Lightning connector. Once a company has signed onto the program and paid the license fees, they can display certain MFi-related logos on their product packaging, like the popular and respected “Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad” badges.

2. Non-Original Adapters

In some cases, the earbuds are original, but the actual adapters are not genuine. In these cases, the earbud itself is original, but the minijack to Lightning converter is not. 

How To Avoid Baets Earbuds?

To avoid these non-original Baets earbuds, you need to ensure that you purchase your Apple earbuds from a respectable source. 

Here are some of the factors to consider:

  1. The Earbuds Should Match The Phone: If you purchase EarPods that come with an iPhone, then the EarPods should match the iPhone. By this we mean, if you have an iPhone with just a Lightning connector, then your EarPods should have a Lightning plug and not require an adapter.
  2. Non-Original Adapter: Sometimes, the earbud itself is original, but the minijack to Lightning converter is not. 
  3. Buy From Reputable Sources: The best places to obtain Apple products are Apple stores, the Apple website, or other authorized Apple dealers. If you just go out and buy your earbuds from some random store in the mall, you will likely get an unoriginal “Baets” earbud. 

What To Do If You Purchased Baets Earbuds?

If you find that you have been ripped off by purchasing Baets earbuds, then we recommend that you try to reach back out to the retailer where they were purchased and see if you can get a refund.

Non genuine Baets headphone earplugs

While the “Baets” name is enough to confirm that these earbuds are not original, if you want to be sure, you can reach out to Apple Support. They will be able to determine if the device is genuine and give you additional instructions on how to proceed with the issue. 

Keep in mind that many retailers will complain that for the price you should have known that they were not original.

However, if they charged you the regular Apple earbuds price, you have a strong case. Even if they were much cheaper, you still have a case against the seller for misleading the customer with false claims and a fake product. 

The Best Baets Earbuds

It is hard to recommend any best Baets earbuds, we always recommend that you purchase genuine Apple earbuds like the ones below:

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Ear Buds,...
  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND — Powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip, AirPods (2nd generation) deliver rich, vivid...
  • EFFORTLESS SETUP — After a simple one-tap setup, AirPods are automatically on and always connected. They...
  • VOICE CONTROL WITH SIRI — Just say “Hey Siri” for assistance without having to reach for your iPhone.
Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) Wireless Earbuds...
  • Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you.Note : If the size of the earbud tips...
  • Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears
  • All-new contoured design

In any case, the best Baets earbud we have found on the market is the Apple Earbuds with Lightning Connector by Wtuley:

No products found.

Features of Baets Earbuds

Sound Quality

Of course, these Baets earbuds won’t have the same stellar audio quality as your original Apple Beats earbuds.

However, for most people, they are subpar in terms of sound quality. Moreover, for the more discerning and professional audiophiles, there will be a noticeable difference in quality. 

Baets earplug on iphone

Many people have reported that the audio sounds terrible. It depends on your listening preferences, however. Some complain that the microphone doesn’t work and other similar issues. 

Sometimes the volume may go too high or too low. In such cases, you may need to try various methods to increase the volume on your iPhone

Typical complaints from customers about these earbuds include:

  • Constant low noise (crackling) noises
  • Generally terrible audio quality – too loud, small treble, mids too low, and so on
  • For some of these earbuds, every ~3-5 minutes, the earbuds would lower their volume to 0.
  • No noise canceling so you can hear environmental noise.
  • Horrible feedback


Most of the earbuds are made from cheap materials and assembled cheaply. They normally fall apart easily and don’t last long.

Broken Baets headphones

Unless you handle them with extreme care, the wires can come apart and other connected parts can loosen quite easily. 

In some cases, you may purchase a sturdy one by chance, but in most cases, they are flimsy and cheaply made and everything falls apart after a few days.


These Baets earplugs also offer poor connectivity. These are the types of earbuds that work when they want to.

Moreover, each time you plug one into your device, it needs to connect because they don’t work without a Bluetooth connection. Actual, genuine Apple earplugs are simple plugs and listen instantaneously. 


These earbuds mimic genuine Apple earbuds, but if you look closely you can often see a clear difference.

They are knockoffs and so often come with thin wires, they aren’t ergonomic and so are painful to wear. Baets are the type of earplugs that need constant readjusting or they will fall out. 


The bottom line is, Baets headphones function, but they offer terrible sound quality, they fall apart easily, and have many other issues. If you just need a cheap earbud and you don’t really care about quality, sure, you can get one of these. Otherwise, purchase a genuine Apple earbud from a reputable Apple store or the Apple website. 

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