Awesome Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

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Anything that levitates is just kind of fun. Why? Because stuff isn’t supposed to do that! There’s the whole gravity thing on Earth and things are not supposed to float in place. It’s just not…normal. Unless of course, you have a Bluetooth speaker. Say whaaaat?

You heard me.

Not only is the technology of Bluetooth everywhere now(wireless sound and communication and pairing with devices…as if that weren’t enough) but not we have those devices that just, yeah, float in the air.

And since spherical, floating, Bluetooth Speakers are a possibility these days, you can imagine the amount of creativity that we’ve seen recently in their design.  There are floating baseballs, Deathstars, egg looking things, thermo detonator looking things, and….just cool looking, rotating, spherical speakers that are Bluetooth.  The whole damned thing is pretty awesome to be honest.

Check out some of our favorite Levitating Bluetooth Speakers!