Are Rockville Amps Any Good?

Norvan Martin
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Rockville is an audio brand that produces a wide range of audio devices including amplifiers, subwoofers, mixers, equalizers, and even audio electronic components such as capacitors. It is an American company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality audio products including car audio.

By their definition, they “manufacture high-end gear for professional audio, car stereo, marine audio, and home theater”.

In terms of amplifiers, Rockville is a fairly good entry-level brand. However, most of their amps do not deliver the power they claim. The Rockville RTA-M Series amplifiers are the most popular models and are ideally suited for small venue applications. However, the brand does have a poor rating as far as customer service is concerned.

What Is Rockville

Rockville Audio has been around for quite a while and has gained a name for itself. The company manufactures a wide variety of audio equipment including amplifiers, subwoofers, equalizers, mixers, mics, headphones, and crossovers.

They also manufacture speakers including car speakers, monitors, PA speakers, and so on. 

Rockville produces amplifiers in three different categories:

  1. Pro Amplifiers: These amplifiers are supposed to be for professionals. This includes smaller amps like the Rockville RPA5 400w RMS amp up to the Rockville RPA9 3000 Watt Peak, the Rockville RPA12 5000 Watt Peak amp, and even the Rockville RPA16 10000 Watt Peak amp.
  2. Monoblock Amps: Rockville specializes in subwoofers and so they also design powerful monoblock amps that are used to power subs.
  3. Pre-Amplifiers: Rockville doesn’t carry a wide range of pre-amplifiers, but they do offer a few that have features such as Bluetooth, crossover, EQ, and computer interfaces.
  4. Guitar Amplifiers: Again, not a main offer by Rockville, but you can find a few guitar amps on offer by the company.

rockville audio

Here are some other devices by Rockville:

  • Cases and Bags
  • Stands
  • Facade
  • Cables
  • Scrims
  • DI Boxes
  • Home Speakers
  • Wall Volume Controllers
  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Headphones and Earbuds
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Home Receivers / AmplifiersHome Equalizers
  • Stands and Accessories

Rockville Amps Sound Quality

If you are looking for unparalleled sound quality, then Rockville won’t be at the top of that list. Rockville is an entry-level brand. The amps produce good sound quality and work fairly well with other equipment. However, you won’t get the highest-fidelity sound from them. 

One major advantage of Rockville amps is that they are beginner-friendly. They are easy to use and quite easy to set up. You do not need extensive experience and knowledge of musical equipment setup to get them up and running. 

The  RTA-M Series is particularly well known both for its simplicity and good sound quality.

Rockville Amps Power

Rockville produces low to mid-range amps from say 200 to 600 Watts up to more powerful 1000 Watts amps. They offer more powerful amps as well in the 5000-watt peak range. Finally, these guys produce amplifiers up to 10,000 watts.

One advantage of Rockville is the fact that their high-performance designs generate more power for enhanced sound and make it easier to achieve desired volume levels. This makes them perfect for small live performances or uses in a home recording studio.

Rockville Amp Pricing

Rockville is an entry-level brand as we explained before. You can get many of their small Rockville amplifiers for just over $100. You can get a Rockville amp for as little as $40. This is for the far less powerful headphone amps

Their more powerful amps however cost upwards of $300.These amps are in the 1000 to 7000-watt range. 

Their selection of amps is fairly good, and you’re sure to find the right one for your needs. You don’t need to worry about getting a too-expensive amp or one that’s too low in price.

Some of Rockville’s better prices have been achieved through competition from higher-priced brands. Their amps can fit any budget, which makes them perfect for low-budget amateurs. 

When you buy an amp from Rockville, you may be getting a reasonably quality product for a reasonable price. Many people however complain that their customer service is not the best and they don’t provide the best possible advice, help, and support.

Rockville Amps Compatibility

Rockville amplifiers are best used with other Rockville products. While they are compatible with a wide range of different devices from different brands, the sound quality may be reduced depending on the device and brand. 

Are Rockville Amps Any Good

Yes, Rockville offers some reasonably good amps for a fair price. They may not be the highest-quality amps, but they are good enough for smaller applications like small live events or even home use. 

Moreover, they carry a wide range of amps, so you’ll never be left out of the mix when it comes to a fantastic experience with Rockville.

Does Rockford Fosgate make Rockville?

People often ask if Rockford Fosgate makes Rockville products. Rockford Fosgate does not make Rockville products as these are two separate companies. This is unlike Sound Ordnance for example which is a subsidiary of Rockford Fosgate.

Top 3 Best Rockville Amps

With so many products and services available, it can be hard to determine which one is the best Rockville amp. That’s where our list comes in. We’ve compiled a list of the top three best Rockville amps. From low-cost amps to high-end amps, they’ve got you covered.

1. Rockville 4000 Watt/1000w RMS Mono Class D 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Amp (dB14)

This Rockville amplifier is an excellent choice for a low-power option to handle the music. It has an extensive frequency range that will handle popular genres like rock, country, and hip-hop.

Rockville dB14 4000w Peak/1000w RMS Mono 2 Ohm...
  • Includes: Amplifier. Bass Remote. Birth sheet with tested power. Owner’s manual. Mounting Screws. Warranty.
  • Rockville dB14 4000 Watt Peak/1000 Watt Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Amp. Dyno Certified...
  • Peak: (Use these ratings when comparing with the top budget brands such as Boss, Power Acoustik, etc). - 2...

Additionally, it can handle higher than average Powershares and handle up to 4 Ohms. It also has a stable audio quality that should be good for high-end music.

2. Rockville dB13 3000 Watt Peak/750w RMS Mono 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Amp

This Rockville amp is an excellent choice for those looking for an amplifier that can handle 2-ohm settings. It has a built-in speaker and amplifying desk, making it perfect for small spaces.

Rockville dB13 3000 Watt Peak/750w RMS Mono 2 Ohm...
  • Includes: Amplifier. Bass Remote. Birth sheet with tested power. Owner’s manual. Mounting Screws. Warranty.
  • Rockville dB13 3000 Watt Peak/750w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Amp. Dyno Certified RMS Power...
  • Peak: (Use these ratings when comparing with the top budget brands such as Boss, Power Acoustik, etc). - 2...

The amp can handle peak power ratings of 350w and is working behind noise levels to provide a quality sound. It also has a remote control that makes it easy to operate.

3. Rockville RXD-M4 6000 Watt/3000w RMS Mono Class D 1 Ohm Amplifier Car Stereo Amp

The Rockville RXD-M4 is a great Amplifier for Stereo Cords and Line-ages. It can handle challenging sound quality with ease.

It is made with 4wan battery technology, which helps maintain stable power even when using high-volume digitizing applications. It also has a long lifetime, making it a favorite choice for amplifiers.

Additionally, it has a contraption to regulate the power output, which will keep you feeling comfortable and safe.


Rockville is an American audio device company that is well-known for the design and manufacture of audio devices. They produce entry-level to mid-level amplifiers that are pretty good for the price. You can count on Rockville if you are looking for a fairly good amplifier that has a fairly good sound quality for a low price. 

While Rockville is an entry-level brand, there are cheaper brands out there. Check out Lepy vs Lepai to learn more about cheap amps. 

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