Acoustic Cloth For Speakers : The Complete Guide

Norvan Martin
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Speakers are a valuable part of your sound system and you always want them to maintain a high level of clarity, throughout their useful life.

However, they tend to easily get damaged by dust and other contaminants around your house.

With acoustic cloth for speakers, you can protect the most delicate parts of your speaker, without affecting the sound level.

So, What Is Acoustic Speaker Cloth?

Before going to the definition, it’s important to state that acoustic cloth for speakers is also known as grill cloth, speaker fabric, speaker mesh or just acoustic cloth.  In fact, some people just call it speaker cover material.

This useful speaker protection tool is a thin piece of fabric that is specifically designed to allow all sounds to go through.

They are an excellent compromise between the safety of your speakers and the sound quality.

what is speaker cloth

Speaker manufacturers make grill cloth with synthetic threads or 100% polyester material. The threads are put together in an open pattern, leaving huge spaces in the pattern.

That allows sound to smoothly go through, without any hindrance. The fabric comes in different colors and it adds a beautiful look to your speakers and your house.

Why Use Acoustic Cloth For Speakers?

If you take a close look at a speaker cloth, you will note that there are lots of huge spaces in the fabrics for sound to pass.

Unlike other fabrics, most grill cloth materials are flame resistant and they ensure that moisture doesn’t build up in your speakers.

The material is also fade-resistant and you can clean it with a vacuum brush. For more information on speaker acoustic cloth and grill cleaning, check out this guide

why use speaker cloth

The best thing about a speaker mesh is that it does not affect the strength of sound waves, also known as sound transmission.

That makes it very effective in protecting the speaker while retaining the clarity of the sound being released into the atmosphere.

Keep in mind all types of fabric can allow sound to go through, but only grill cloth can work effectively on speakers.

Buying Acoustic Cloth For Speakers

If you are thinking of making your own speakers, speaker grill cloth will be an essential part of your materials.

This useful fabric is sold in linear yards, at a length of about 36”. The width varies from the brand you choose, but most of them are about 64 inches.

This mathematically means that a piece of regular grill cloth measures 108” x 64”.

As you will note, speaker cloth comes in various measurements and they are great for making acoustic panels.

For this use, you will need to use a significant amount of fabric. However, you will only need a small piece for your speakers, depending on their size. You should also know that they come in different types.


Types of Acoustic Cloth For Speakers

When it comes to protecting your speakers against dust and other contaminants, you can choose between the two types of speaker grills.


Soft grills

Soft grills can be manufactured from fabric, foam, cloth and other similar materials. They offer protection against lightweight objects and are made from stretch materials.

speaker grill soft

Due to their soft texture, they can smoothly absorb sound vibrations and are less prone to rattling. Some of them can also absorb a certain amount of moisture, but they can get torn.

Hard Grills

Hard grills can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. Holes are made in the materials used, allowing sound to freely go through.

speaker grill hard

This type of grill mainly protects your speaker against large objects and is highly durable. However, they may result in a rattling sound if they get damaged. This mainly happens when the volume of your speakers is high.

Five Best Speaker Cloths

When it comes to buying speaker cloth, you can easily make a mistake and end up with a very poor product.

As such, we have taken the time to prepare a list of the best speaker grill cloths on the market. Whether you are looking for grill cloth for a new speaker or speaker cloth replacement, these products are excellent choices.

1. Zuiniubi Speaker Cloth

Made of dustproof material, this product can quickly restore the appearance of your speakers and allow them to look new again.

The material is also scratch-resistant and it is suitable for your entertainment area or may be used as regular wall panels.  This fabric can stretch easily and has three layers, with an average size of about 55” x 19.7” (145cm x 50cm).

2. Speaker Grill Cloth, Black (or White) Grill Fabric

This speaker cloth made in the USA is great for custom wall panels and building entertainment speakers.

These acoustically transparent fabrics are able to restore the appearance of your speaker and they have double layers for durability. Their size is about 55” x 20” per piece and you can choose between black and white colors.

3. XScorpion Subwoofer Grill Cloth

The XScorpion speaker grill is UV treated for durability and its size is about 36 x 66 inches. The product is very affordable and it does not muffle the sound coming from your speakers. It has a nice 3D appearance that looks great in subwoofers and car speakers. You can buy this product in black, red, blue, light gray, almond and other colors.

4. Dark Grey Stereo Speaker Grill Cloth

This high-quality multipurpose speaker cloth is suitable for subwoofers and other speaker cabinets.  It has a 3D extended design with an average size of about 36×66 inches for each piece.

This one-line yard fabric is also fade resistant and it has a wrinkle-free appearance. It comes in a wide range of colors, including Dark gray, red, white, almond, burgundy, blue, black, light stand and brown.

5. Morning Rising Speaker Cloth

This speaker fabric has about 3 layers of material and is highly permeable.  It offers a great aesthetic decoration for your speakers and is easy to clean when dirty.

The fabric portrays high-quality manufacturing standards and its size is about 144cm x48cm (44.9”x 18.9”) per piece. Luckily, you can use it for all kinds of speakers.

What Does Acoustic Fabric Do?

The acoustic fabric absorbs, traps, and diffuses sound. They are designed to remove sound build-up, echo, reverberation, and chatter, which you need to improve the sound quality within the room. So, it would be best if you didn’t try to use them to soundproof your room as some people do.

Does Speaker Grill Cloth Affect Sound?

Most speaker grill clothes are acoustically transparent and have no significant impact on the sound. You might have noticed that they sometimes slightly attenuate the song quality in high frequencies.

However, the effect is minor compared to the distraction that the grill frame can cause.  So, you are best placed to know whether the negligible effect affects your listening experience.

One important thing that you need to do to ensure that your grill cloth does not affect your sound is to clean it. Check out our guide on how to clean speaker grills to learn more.

Bottom Line

Setting up speakers from scratch can be difficult but fun. From designing the subwoofer box to gluing the speaker dust cap to installing the speaker cloth, ensure you have all t tools necessary to get it done easily.

Acoustic cloth for speakers is the best product to protect your speakers against dust and other substances that may cause them damage.

Their transparency makes them ideal for covering your speakers, without affecting the quality of the sound. Most of them are affordable and you can find a product that fits right into your budget.

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