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Who doesn’t love music? Whether it’s the cool beats of Hip hop, the soothing sounds of Jazz, the craze of Rock, the rhymes of Rap or the jamming of Reggae, music is only made better by a solid, high-performance speaker/headphone.

For many of us, the ability to drown out the rest of the world with quality sound means we can appreciate high-quality, loud, noise-canceling Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

It’s our escape from everything. Yet, there are so many low-quality speakers being sold on the market. How do you shift through the ‘noise’ to find the perfect one? That’s where BoomSpeaker comes in.

Hello, my name is Norvan Martin. I am an Electronics Engineer and I’ve been passionate about home electronics, particularly AV equipment and home theaters for a long time.

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Whether you’re an audio technician/engineer, musician, or audiophile, Boomspeaker is here to help you in setting up your Audio/Visual equipment and everything else for your home theater system. 

We are passionate about immersive sound and thrilling home audio experiences. We are here to re-energize your desire for awesome high-end audio by proving audio advice with passion, fun, and expertise. We cover topics like bluetooth speakers, stereos, amplifiers, soundbars, high-resolution audiophile music and more. Take a look around for quality advice giving you step-by-step information on how to get even more from your home audio systems

Here at BoomSpeaker, we have purchased and tested more speakers than we can count and so we review the latest speakers, headphones and related gadgets as well as provide valuable information to help you in your quest to enjoy good music.

We do our best to carefully vet each speaker and headset system against the highest standards of power, convenience, design, and compatibility. As a bonus, we provide reviews of other devices for gaming and general entertainment. However, we are more than just music.

We cover any and everything related to your home theater to help you create that cinematic experience. We help you make your home theater sound good, look good, and deliver stellar visuals! Usually, if we are working on BoomSpeaker or anything else of importance, we’ll have the music up and the rest of life shut out.  That’s our get-away. It’s our hope that you’ll have the same experience.


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