8 Bluetooth Speakers So Small They Can Fit in Your Pocket

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If you are someone who is always listening to music on the go, whether you are a hiker, cyclist, biker, marathon runner or similar, you need a Bluetooth speaker that is portable, durable and reliable. You need a small, flat Bluetooth speaker that is easy to slide into your bag-pack or your pocket. If that description fist you and you like simplicity and minimalism, then one of the following Bluetooth speakers are for you.

As there are Bluetooth speakers there are also small Bluetooth speakers. The advent of Bluetooth technology was the advent of portable sound, from speakers at least. So you don’t need to be carrying a Bluetooth speaker the size of your 1980’s boombox on your shoulder anymore. While often a large package features a little more oomph, especially in terms of bass, many of the smallest speakers on the market still excel at providing loud, clear sound as well as being more friendly to the wallet.

So if you want a Bluetooth speaker so small it can fit into your pocket, what are your options?

Bose SoundLink Color II

It is like the Bose SoundLink Color was designed specifically to sit in a pocket almost as comfortably as a flask. It is wide, but flat so that it sits as comfortably in a pocket as it does on a shelf. As it is just over a pound, it doesn’t weigh you down either. Its eight hours of battery life could be better, but with it you also get that same Bose quality sound and rich bass that you have come to know and love from its other products.


Pac2Go Bluetooth Speaker

This is a speaker that benefits from its shape. The tubular design not only metes out crystal clear 360 degree sound, but it is created in the keychain design so that you can either slip it in your pocket or hook it on to your backpack. As it is both light and reinforced with a rubberized oil finish, it not only has some impact proofing, but a waterproof rating of IPX4 as well, enough to withstand splashes. It comes with a pretty standard eight hours of battery life which makes it an all around great small Bluetooth speaker, especially for the price.

Bose Soundlink Micro

For those who need a rugged Bluetooth speaker that can take some hard hits, the Bose Soudlink Micro is a good fit. In fact, with features such as an integrated strap for clipping onto bags and other objects and its hard rubber exterior, this speaker is made to take abuse.                                                                                                                                                                                          It’s not the flashiest speaker on the market, neither is it the cheapest, but it’s rugged and can take a beating, so it will last a very long time. Moreover, it’s waterproof and offers strong audio performance for its small size. All in all, the Bose Soundlink Micro is probably the best pocket speaker on the market at the moment.


With JBL you can always expect quality, as well as great waterproofing, in all their products. The Clip II is no different. Although it is about the size of the drain on your kitchen sink, this wonderful little speaker can put out loud, clear sound with reasonable amount of bass. As it also comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating meaning you can submerge it for up to 30 minutes so this is a speaker you can take any and everywhere. Its keychain clip that gave this model it’s name makes that even easier since you can clip it to your backpack or even your belt without it being a bother.

Soundmatters FoxL Dash 7 Bluetooth Speaker

There are some Bluetooth speaker which are flat, but might be too wide for some people, like the Bose Soundlink Micro, for example. While the Bose Micro might be OK in term so of flatness, it might be too wide to fit into your pocket. At just 0.75 x 2.1 x 7.5 in (18 x 53 x 190 mm) frame and weighing just 7.1 oz (201 g), you understand what we are saying. The Dash 7 on the other hand easily slides into you pockeyt.

The Dash 7 on the other hand is not only flat, but it’s just wide enough to fit into pockets and other small spaces in your bag pack, fanny pack or wherever else. Moreover, it will sit quite comfortably in front of your tablet without obstructing your view. Special features include a noise-canceling microphone, speakerphone, good battery life (12 hours), capability of connecting with a separate plug-in palm-sized powered sub-woofer called foxLO and it often comes accompanied by a folding stand (protective carry case).
A few drawbacks include the small size of the operating button and strain under bass-heavy audio and at high volumes.

There is, however a price to pay for these advantages in size and design, at $130, this speaker is not cheap and is quite a bit above the price point of other higher performing, although considerably larger Bluetooth speakers. However, the Dash 7 does feature good audio quality with crisp, precise audiophile-grade sound, great for listening to music without heavy bass. So, it comes down to whether you are willing to pay for the advantage of its clear audio, truly compact, flat design and if you like it’s cool, sleek style enough.

iEC Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The shape of this particular speaker makes it a little less pocket friendly, but that doesn’t make it any less small. The flat cuboid design was an interesting choice, but perhaps it was chosen because of its ability to radiate sound, because that is what this Bluetooth speaker does best. For such an obscure brand name, it does a great job radiating bass while still keeping the other sound clear, but it could want for a few more decibels to its volumes. Although, because it doesn’t get quite as eardrum-ringingly loud means it has a respectable 12 hours of playtime to assure you can take your music anywhere.

Anker SoundCore

The SoundCore is one of those speakers that looks deceptive in the pictures of it. You see, Anker speakers may appear bigger than they actually are. The SoundCore looks practically shelf-worthy, but it is actually not much larger than your average flashlight (though probably just as weighty). Despite the small package, the SoundCore can fill a whole house with perfect clear sound without much effort, although it does want for some better bass. However, instead of bass, that weight is added on by a 24-hour battery life and a 64 feet Bluetooth range which is superior to almost every other Bluetooth speaker product of its size.

Etekcity Rover Beats T3

Like the aforementioned SoundCore, the Rover Beats looks so much larger than it actually is. At just over two inches in height, width, and diameter, this is truly a tiny rolly-polly little thing, but it can bring the pain when it comes to sound. Its CSR 4.0 chipset provides the power and bass of Bluetooth speakers twice its size while it still features the standard eight hours of battery life. The nicest feature is that this is not just a Bluetooth speaker. It also has an audio jack and 33 feet of Bluetooth connectivity to give it optimum compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Arespark AS200

The Arespark is built in such a way that it is both compact enough to fit in most tight carrying spaces, but it is built to be rugged. Although it is only splashproof with its IPX4 waterproof rating, it does come built with rubber bumpers as well as reinforced plastics which allow it to take quite a pounding from outside sources. As for performance, it gives a respectable 12 hours of playtime with 33 feet of Bluetooth connectivity, but it is the powerful 7W acoustic drivers within that are responsible for the powerful sound it puts out. The bass is lacking, but the same could never be said about how loud it gets.

Beats Pill+

You know what makes the Beats by Dre Pill such an excellent small Bluetooth speaker? It is not that it is even that small, but rather long and designed in that lovely oblong pill shape that actually fits perfectly into a pocket. Not only that, but you get the quality sound that have caused the Beat by Dre products to take the sound world by storm. Despite its size, you get loud sound that also comes with the richness of top-quality bass. However, with its elevated price it makes you want to treat this speaker with kid gloves.