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One of, if not the only, great thing about a series of WiFi speakers, as opposed to multiple Bluetooth speakers, is that they hook up straight to the home internet system as opposed to having to rely on a computer, phone, or tablet. This is why people prefer wireless speakers for TV and music.

By the way, if you are specifically seeking a wireless speaker for a smart TV, check out our guide to wireless speakers for smart TVs. On the other hand, if you are buying a wireless speaker to a AV receiver, check out our article on how to connect wireless speakers to a receiver

This is especially helpful when, say, you normally use one device (phone) that is paired with the Bluetooth speaker, and that device isn’t in the house at the time. (Say, you’re the spouse or significant other isn’t home.)

wireless speakers for tv and music

Also, you won’t have those annoying alerts and notifications going off each time mom texts or an email comes in.

That just gets in the way, like when you’re at the gym and the music fades out each and every time a dang Facebook notification comes in.

Lastly, and here is the best part of us, you can actually play different music in different parts of the house.  Whichever room you’re in all you have to do is select the music that you want the machine and network will take over and do the rest.  Independent volume control and all.

The Sonos Play:1 is a great place to start looking as far as quality and price point.  It starts out at an awesome price and delivers stupendous sound quality.  Try to pair them up and get a great sounding system right in the house.

Besides the SONOS, let’s take a look at some of our other favorite WiFi Speakers for the home and the outdoors.

Best Wireless Speakers For TV and Music

Look, it may not be the trendiest “I wanna’ rock out” choice” for some of you, but it’s a straight solid speaker system that sounds so much better than you would think.

Actually, a lot better.  It’s got good reviews from Big Boys like Engadget, CNET, and Business Insider.

Some, like Engadget, make the case that all you really need is the Amazon Echo Dot The big draw to the Echo is that is so much more than just a good speaker, of course.

Downside:  No battery so it needs to stay plugged in to connect and work.

Libratone ZIPP (WiFi and Bluetooth)

We like the Libratone because it’s cool, man.  Great highs, booming bass, and 100 watts of power.

Like the Amazon Echo, the cylindrical shape of the Libratone gives us that 360° sound push throughout the room.

While we’re on the subject, sticking the Echo or the Libratone in a corner kind of wastes a lot of the 360 sound.  It does much better on a kitchen island or coffee table, if you don’t mind it being there.

This is an excellent speaker to connect to your receiver for example. Here’s an article on how to connect wireless speakers to a receiver

Downside:  Price point

Samsung Shape M7

As it happens, the Samsung S7 is viable competitor to Sonos and its wireless and affordable line of WiFi speakers.

The difference is that it actually sounds better and has the ability to stream Bluetooth as well.

And, of course, seamless integration and connectivity with Samsung TVs.  Even though it sounds better than the Sonos Play:3, that doesn’t mean it is better.  It has its limitations.

Downside:  Only streams Pandora, Amazon, Rhapsody, TuneIN, and DLNA without Bluetooth.

Sonos Play:3

One of the best features of the Sonos is that you can always expand your sound later. With easy connectivity to other Sonos speakers, you can fill your house with rich sound by buying other PLAY speakers, the subwoofer, or even the TV bar.

One nice feature is that, if you wanted to, you could enable your speakers to play different songs in different rooms.

Downside: Not the most aesthetic of designs

Pure Jongo S3

In its early years the Puro Jongo was willing and ready to take on the Sonos Play:3…but they did it with flashy grills and colors.

Now, it’s a grown-up product all on its own.  We think that, currently, it’s the best competition that Sonos has…but still just a little bit below it in range of sound and clarity.  But the Jongo does get loud.

So loud, in fact that the bass can sometimes become a problem.

Downside:  Limited multi-room functionality with 3rd part apps.

Bottom Line

If you are seeking wireless speakers, you may be seeking them to replace your current wired colored speakers for a more wired setup.

One good alternative if you want to save some money is to use a wireless speaker kit instead. These kits will help you to give your wired speakers wireless functionality without sacrificing power. Once you have all you need, all that is left to do is to connect your wireless speakers to your receiver and you’re ready to go!