The Best 4 12 Inch Subwoofer Box Dimensions Enclosure Design

Norvan Martin
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A 4 12 inch subwoofer box is a speaker enclosure designed to hold four 12-inch subwoofers. In other words, it is a specific design and configuration of a speaker box that holds four 12-inch subwoofers.

They are sometimes referred to as quad sealed speaker boxes. A subwoofer box plays an essential part in shaping sound production since they are designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds, such as bass and drums and bass guitars.

Therefore, choosing dimensions and enclosure setups that meet optimal sound quality requirements are of great significance to producing good-quality bass music. With so many choices out there it may be challenging to determine what suits your unique requirements best.

Please remember that the specific design and dimensions of a 4 12 inch subwoofer box will depend on the specific subwoofers being used and the desired sound characteristics. 

Let’s explore below.

Best 4 12 Inch Subwoofer Box Dimensions

Box External Dimensions

Box External Dimensions
Width × Height × Depth
34.00″ × 34.00″ × 26.77″
Material Thickness 0.75″
Net Internal Volume 12.00 ft3
Tuning Frequency 30 Hz
Port Area 170 inch2
Port Inlet
Width × Height
5.23″ × 32.50″
Port Length 26.49″

 4 12 Inch Subwoofer Box

Cutout Sizes

Detail Size Quantity
Top / Bottom 34.00″ × 26.77″ 2
Front / Rear 34.00″ × 32.50″ 2
Left 25.27″ × 32.50″ 1
Right 19.29″ × 32.50″ 1
Port 26.49″ × 32.50″ 1

4 12 inch subwoofer box design


Font Dimensions

4 12 inch subwoofer box dimensions front dimensions


Top and Bottom Dimensions

4 12 inch subwoofer box dimensions top and bottom dimensions

Port Dimensions

4 12 inch subwoofer box dimensions port dimensions

The Best Dimensions for a 4 12 Inch Subwoofer Box Based On Box Type

When selecting the ideal dimensions for a 4- 12-inch subwoofer box, many factors come into play; these could include what kind of music is played through it, available space in your car, and the power handling capabilities of subwoofers. Here are some suggested dimensions:

  • Sealed Enclosure for 4 12-Inch Subwoofers

A sealed enclosure offers an accurate bass response that complements subwoofer power handling capabilities perfectly.

When selecting dimensions for four 12-inch subwoofers, an ideal sealed enclosure size for them should range between 3.5-4 cubic feet of airspace to provide accurate low-frequency response as well as complement their power handling abilities.

  • Ported Enclosure 

A ported enclosure provides a more powerful bass response than it’s sealed equivalent, ideal for music genres like hip-hop, EDM, or even rock n roll.

Recommended dimensions for four 12-inch subwoofers in such an enclosure is between 5-6 cubic feet of airspace for optimal bass response in such genres as rap, hip hop or EDM. If you choose to use a regular port instead, check this subwoofer port calculator for assistance.

  • Bandpass Enclosure 

A bandpass enclosure delivers maximum bass response but can also be the most complex design to build.

When considering four 12-inch subwoofers in this configuration, its recommended dimensions should include between four to five cubic feet of sealed airspace and five to seven cubic feet of ported airspace – this design balances power with accuracy for effective music genres like rock or metal.

What Is a 4 Hole 12 Inch Sealed Divided Speaker Box

A 4 hole 12-inch sealed divided speaker box is an enclosure that houses four 12-inch speakers in separate compartments or divisions within its enclosure, each in its own sealed environment, to achieve higher sound quality with reduced distortion levels and maximize bass response.

These boxes are often seen used in car audio systems or home theater systems and this article will detail their features, benefits and applications.

These 4 Hole 12 Inch Sealed Divided Speaker Boxes are typically constructed of premium materials such as MDF or marine-grade plywood, with each compartment housing one 12-Inch speaker or subwoofer.

The boxes may feature four holes at its corners to keep air out when not in use; each compartment houses its own 12-Inch speaker or subwoofer for optimal sound output.

Speakers and subwoofers are typically mounted to the front panel of their box and each compartment sealed off with its own baffle or partition for noise isolation and to reduce resonances and vibrations.

Speaker terminals are located on the back panel so wiring patterns can be changed easily in series or parallel to achieve your ideal impedance level.

What Is A 4 12 Inch Sealed Divided Speaker Box Used For?

A four-hole 12-inch sealed divided speaker box is an enclosure that houses four 12-inch speakers arranged into separate compartments or divisions within it. 

This provides optimal sound quality while decreasing distortion levels and providing for reduced soundwave reflections from surfaces in which these speakers reside.

Common applications for such boxes include car audio systems and home theater systems – we will explore their features, benefits and applications further here in this article!

  • Car Audio Systems

A 4-inch sealed divided speaker box is an excellent option for car audio systems, designed to fit seamlessly in the trunks of most cars while producing a powerful bass response.

The sealed design of the box ensures that the bass is tight and controlled, making it a suitable option for different types of music genres. Perfect for those wanting high-quality music on-the-go! Powered with an amplifier for maximum performance!

  • Home Theater Setups

A 4-inch sealed divided speaker box can also be utilized in home theater setups.

Specifically tailored to create an immersive cinematic or music listening experience at home, these boxes make an excellent option when creating surround sound experiences in living rooms or offices.

When combined with high-grade amplifier and receiver devices such as Yamaha or Pioneer systems, it delivers crystal-clear audio quality for an unparalleled cinematic or listening experience!

  • DJ Setups

A 4 12-inch sealed divided speaker box is an increasingly popular choice among DJs.

Engineered to handle high volumes while providing exceptional audio quality, it makes an excellent option for creating powerful and dynamic audio experiences for their audience.

Paired with an active subwoofer,subwoofer setups can even further amp up bass response!

  • Professional Sound Systems

A 4 12-inch sealed divided speaker box is often found at the heart of professional sound systems, often found in concert halls, stadiums or auditoriums.

Specifically designed to manage large volumes with excellent audio quality in large venues like concert halls stadiums or auditoriums, when coupled with powerful amplifiers or audio equipment it creates an unforgettable audio experience for listeners.


Finding and selecting an optimal 4 12 inch subwoofer box dimensions and enclosure setup are paramount to creating an immersive listening experience.

When making this selection, take into consideration your intended subwoofer usage as well as what genre of music will be played to determine an apt box size and configuration.

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