How To Setup 3 TVs On The Same Wall?

Norvan Martin
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TVs are essential parts of our entertainment systems. However, a poor arrangement of TVs in an entertainment space can be strenuous to your viewing pleasure. That is why you should have your TVs adequately set up. In this article, we focus on how to setup 3 TVs on a single wall.

Setting up 3 TVs for a Home Theater depends on factors such as the size of the room, shape, and listening area. Here are some of the setup ideas to consider.

Method 1: Spread Out/Wall To Wall

You can set your TVs in a spread-out manner such that each TV gives you a good view while listening to the surround sound from any angle from your listening area.

Three tv setup spread out wall to wall

A spread-out setup utilizes the room in equal proportion and the TVs can be wall-mounted on each wall leaving out one wall near the sitting and listening area. This arrangement is also suitable for large rooms where people sit facing different directions.

Method 2: Side By Side Formation

If you prefer switching between programs, then having your TVs on a side-by-side setup will give you the freedom to watch and listen to your TVs interchangeably without having to toggle between programs on a single TV.

Three tv setup placed side by side

The TVs should be set up closer together in one line to eliminate light from between them.

In this setup, the TVs are spread across the wall; it allows you to glide past the screens, following different exciting programs.

Three tv wall setup in a side by side formation

However, one disadvantage of this method over pyramid formation is that this arrangement requires ample space to use.

Method 3: Pyramid Formation

You may decide to mount two televisions on the wall and then put another TV to sit on the two sets. This is what is called pyramid formation. The setup resembles a pyramid and provides a pyramid viewing pleasure.

Three tv wall setup in pyramid formation

It is a perfect setup that allows one with limited space to enjoy watching different shows from a simple setup. One can also enjoy playing games while at the same time following news on the other TV sets.

How To Setup For 3 TVs In a Home Theater

The first step to improving your existing entertainment system is to ensure you perfectly set up your TVs.The reason cinema halls are exciting and thrilling is because of the robust sound systems in the auditorium and proper TV setups.

Before setting up your 3 TVs home theater, consider the following factors.

Amount Of Space On The Wall

For TV wall mounts, you need to consider the space available. A more expansive wall will accommodate even larger TVs without squeezing them up.

Size Of The TVs

It will be easier to place smaller TVs on a wall than larger TVs. Obtain the sizes of your TVs and measure the available space before beginning to place them.

Sitting Position

Your sitting position will determine whether you are getting the best audio and video performance from the 3 TV home theater system or not—set TVs where you will be able to get the best view without straining yourself. Remember, TVs should not be placed too close or far from the sitting area.

 If you are a gamer and your partner or roommates are not into video games, a three-TV setup will effectively cater to all your entertainment needs. Some of the best setup ideas to try include side-by-side and pyramid setups.

To make the most out of the home theater system, you will need to wire the TVs to the home theater system using HDMI cables or RCA.

Best Setup For 3 TVs In A Man Cave

A perfect TV set up in a man cave allows you to relax, watching multiple captivating scenes from different TVs at a go. One advantage of this setup is that it does not cost you a lot of space.

But how do you set up your 3 TVs in a captivating way? Here are some suggestions to try.

Side By Side 

Three tv setup placed side by side in a man cave

The best option is to keep the 3 TVs side by side. This gives you the freedom to spread out and watch other shows you may want to enjoy without missing your gaming moments or other programs.

The side-by-side setup allows you to align the TVs in one horizontal space. Depending on the available space, you may decide to have them in a straight line or curved.

Pyramid Setup

If you have a vast space, you can pull your TVs so that you have two in one line and one on top of them.

Three tv setup placed in pyramid formation in a man cave

The triangular setup is important if you want to have your TVs in one place.

3 TV Gaming Setup

If you are a gaming enthusiast, setting up 3 TVs for gaming can be a good idea. Like other setups, 3 TVs for gaming can also be set up in the following configurations:

  • Side-by-side
  • Pyramid setup

However, the side-by-side setup will be more appropriate as you want to have all your gaming TVs in one line for the best viewing. You can, however, use a pyramid setup if the TVs are of different sizes and you prefer playing different games on different screen resolutions.

Best 5 TV Setup

Here are some of the 5 TV setup ideas that will help you view 5 different shows simultaneously.

1.     Vertical Block Setup 

If you have one bigger screen, you could set it up at the center while the other screens (assuming they are all the same size) can be arranged, two at the top and the other two at the bottom of the giant screen in a vertical block configuration.

Five tvs in a vertical block setup

2.     Horizontal Block Setup

Here, you will have the larger TV at the center, two to the right, and the other two to the left in a horizontal formation.

Five tvs in a horizontal block setup

3.     Side By Side

This setup is suitable if you have 5 TVs of similar sizes. Arrange the TVs in one line, straight or curved, setting them up side by side.


Multiple TV Setup Ideas

There are many ways to set up multiple TVs for home viewing or entertainment joints. Connect the TVs to the sources of power and other signals as preferred.

Connect an HDMI splitter to the signal source at the HDMI device port. Connect every cable to the TVs and switch on the power one after another. Ensure you note the input you are using. 

2 TV Living Room Setup

You may decide to connect them to the sources of power and other signals. Connect an HDMI splitter to the signal source at the HDMI device port. Connect each cable to the TVs and switch on the power one after another.

Multiple TV Wall Setup

Multiple TV wall mounts may be a slight challenge to implement. Decide on the dimensions you want to use and the number of display screens to mount. You will also need to decide whether to have them joined together or leave some space between them.

Multiple TV Setup In a Man Cave

Setting up multiple TVs in a man cave is easy. However, the number may be limited to the amount of space available.

Connect the TVs to the source of power and other signals. Connect an HDMI splitter to the signal source at the HDMI device port (most modern sets have at least one HDMI port). Connect each cable to the TVs and switch on the power one after another to enjoy multiple views in a man cave.

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