Best DJ Amplifiers for Bass

If you are a DJ, then you know that a sound system that is not using punchy and strong bass will kill your game...

5 Cool Looking Bluetooth Speakers In 2020

When it comes to picking out a Bluetooth speaker to keep in your home, functionality, and performance are important, but it should look freakin'...


best bluetooth beanies

10 Best Bluetooth Beanies and Music Hats for 2020

What's more convenient than a fully Bluetooth, washable music hat for music lovers? These innovative products look just like your average beanie headgear, but they...
Bluetooth Headphones for Running That Dont Fall Out

Best Cheap Wireless Headphones for Running

When you’re in the middle of an intense run, nothing kills the excitement faster than a dislodged earbud or headphone. Yes, runners know the...
gaming headsets with bluetooth article

5 Best Bluetooth Gaming Headsets With Microphone

If you are a gamer, you have enough wires to contend with without throwing a headset into the mix. However, unlike many other peripherals,...

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