I guess the “why Bluetooth speakers” question is going to come up sooner for later.  I might as well address it now.

When I was growing up my friends were really into music.  Pink Floyd, Zep, Prince, Primus, etc.  They loved music.  They even formed a band, wrote a song, and performed it based upon my life and them coming to my house on the weekends.  The song was called “Knock, Knock, Knockin on Kenny’s Door”  It was cool and funny…I just wan’t into instruments or music.

In 1994 I joined the US Army.  The barracks were filled with music…but it was much different than what my friends listened to.  I was from Massachusetts, but the barracks were filled with rap and country.  Seriously.  It was a weird combo.  Bone Thugs n’ Harmony and George Strait.  All day…err’ day.

Still.  I wasn’t really into music.

As I matured and started to appreciate music, and hell…let me just say it, the ability to drown the rest of the world out with quality sound…I started to appreciate it more.  I have a taste for high-quality, loud, noise cancelling Bluetooth speakers and headphones. It’s my escape from the rest of everything.

Usually, if I’m working on Boom Speaker, then I usually have the music up and the rest of life shut out.  It’s my get-away.


-The Boom Master